Friday, July 1, 2011

Good times

So my tuesdays and thursdays are definitely not treating me that well these days.  I work the first half of the day, come home for lunch, drive the 30 minutes downtown and sit in a class for 3 hours and 15 minutes then drive the 30 minutes back home.  By which point it is 10 o'clock at night, I have the urinate like it is nobody's business (small bladder people + 67 cent any size gas station fountain drinks = the embarrassing desire for depends), and then I have to go home and wash the dishes that are never ending and cook dinner.  So I leave the house at 8am and get to sit down and eat dinner sometime around 11pm.  Have I mentioned how much I adore summer school, or college in general?  That's right, I haven't.  Because it is the thorn in my side and the stub on my toe.  Ok, enough with the negativity and complaining though, this post is supposed to be about good times...deep breaths....

Ok, back on track.  When we were younger we grew up in Massachusetts for anyone who hasn't read the earlier posts.  We lived maybe an hour away from Cape Cod so we day tripped there a lot.  One of my favorite family vacations ever was the summer we rented a beach house on the Cape for a week.  We got to walk out the door onto the beach every morning and play all day. (private beach might I add, gotta love residential areas. The public beaches during the summer can be more packed than a can of sardines)

But my favorite part of that week, and what I remember best, was dancing in the kitchen to Bob Marley at night.  The stars were out in full force, the june bugs were crashing into the window screens, and there was that constant dusting of sand on the wood floor that always makes everything seem more "beachy".

Our dad really likes Bob Marley (not in a stoner way btw), so I feel like his music is definitely part of the soundtrack of our childhood.  So when I am flipping through the songs on my Iphone while making the drive to school, the Bob Marley songs always make the cut.  And when I hear them, I pretend I'm back at that beach house and not having a very long, very frustrating day.

That's one of the things I love best about music.  It shares that really cool ability to transport you right back to happy times.  Not only that, but a good song can relax me as well.  And what is more relaxing than the beach and some Bob.
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Here's to good times,

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