Saturday, July 30, 2011

Night Riders

So there's the fleet.  Cat's is the pink and black one with flames, mine is the retro light green and cream one on the left, and Riz's is the green one in the back with the basket on the front for Lucy Lou.

Tonight the 3 of us rode our bikes down to the neighborhood pool to clean since today marked the start of our pool cleaning week.  While Cat and I straightened chairs and picked up, Riz decided to jump in for a night swim.  I wasn't up for it, the night air was going to be too chilly in my opinion, but Riz said it was wonderful.  On our way back, we decided to go for a little night ride through the neighborhood.

There is seriously nothing better than summer night bike rides,  The weather is perfect and there is no one else around.  It is mildly dangerous since none of us have reflective gear or anything to alert drivers that we are there. Our plan is to hit up Wal-Mart tomorrow and pick up some safety gear, better safe than sorry!

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Now this is what we need.  Man, we'd be too legit to quit right?  We'll have to look into those suckers.  Regular head lights = boring.  A rave on your bike wheels = the stuff of legends.

Today was such a perfect day.  Cat bailed on the wine tasting with her work friends so after I got off work in the afternoon we all headed down to the pool.  We had it to ourselves for a little bit then a bunch of neighborhood kids showed up and Riz lost her patience a bit so we decided to head out.  We picked up some food for the patient (aka J, who is recovering well with only minor swelling) and a redbox, and then hit up a chinese food place for ourselves.

Perfect I tell ya.  Hopefully I can whip out my homework fairly quickly tomorrow so we can do it all over again!

Cheers to perfect summer nights,

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