Sunday, July 24, 2011

What a wonderful day...

9AM - First farmers market in a town over. People were lined up for hours for melons! After that we walked around the town and discovered another yarn shop! Kids in a candy store I tell ya. Tum sat himself down in a comfy chair and Kitty said she immediately relaxed. Gotta love yarn shops. Then Kitty says "It would be nice for everyone to have handmade stockings this year..." Subtle much?

11AM - Second Farmers market in our town. It was almost over but we still got some corn!

Noon - Lunch at a new restaurant that buys locally grown food and has a seasonal menu. Delicious.

2PM - Pool. It's been scorching here so Kitty and I spent a few hours at the pool. It was so hot the water wasn't even refreshing, it was like bath water. Thankfully it finally cooled off by a few degrees which made a world of a difference. Then J came down and Kitty and him had a splashing fight. Children.

5PM - Nap. Except Rizzy isn't very good at naps so it lasted 5 hours.

Overall a wonderful summer day,


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