Saturday, July 2, 2011

Looky here!

Love Love LOVE my watch! I just got it today and have been wearing it ever since! You can get yourself one here on Etsy. So cute and so simple, love it.

The siblings and I hit off this no-parent week by exploring downtown. We stopped in at a free trade shop where everything was amazing and so much cheaper than I thought it would be! M and I got some bracelets. Of course the same one, different colors. Here is mine.

They're from Thailand. So cool. And cheap! Love it. And supporting those in need, can't go wrong. M and I decided that is our new go-to gift idea.

Lil sis will be posting some pics later of our adventure. More like random after thought pics, but lil bro came to the rescue and took some sweet ones. He is so good with that stuff. I hope he gets into photography next year, he'll rock it!

I am actually thinking about getting a nice camera. Like a digital SLR. I love photography and was always involved with my bf in high school and M's photo shoots for photography class. Helping come up with ideas etc. and it was so fun! I really want the majority of the art in my house/apartment to be my own so I feel like I need a serious camera. Once again, once Riz is raking in the big corporate dolla dolla bills y'all.

Ta Ta for now,


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