Monday, July 11, 2011

"Me" Knitting

This is a sad confession. I have never made anything for myself. I just realized this as I was looking through patterns on ravelry. Everyone was commenting on the fact that they have to stop knitting for themselves and start up on their xmas knitting etc. Then it dawned on me, I have never made anything for myself!

I am going to try to practice what I preach so I figure I'll start with "me" knitting.

Here are some patterns that I would LOVE to make for me:

Colorwork mitts, Legwarmers, Tube Sock Legwarmers, Slouchy Hat, Fingerless mitts, Cowl

Whenever I tell people that I knit or make things they are always looking on my body for proof. And I never have any, it makes me feel like a fake. So this winter one of my goals will be to wear knitted items made by me, just for me.


PS: What I am loving today =
Getting some school work accomplished, so I'm not such a stress bag. And realizing that something you thought was due tonight by midnight isn't due until next week, can I get a... SCORE!

What I am not so enthusiastic about today =
Return of the parental units. Ya ya we love em but it's nice to have the whole house to yourself for a week, me and lil bro ruling the roost. Till next time little brother.

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