Sunday, July 31, 2011


I feel like I haven't posted in forever even though it really hasn't been that long. Maybe it's cause I just really haven't been on my computer lately like I normally am. Even the computer is giving me headaches. Ugh. It's been about a week now of straight headaches.

Anyway, I thought it was high time I post a little somethin somethin.

As sis said J is doing well after getting his wisdom teeth out. He has had a few issues with the pain meds but thats about it. All of us are bad with that stuff and half of us are allergic. But other than that the surgery went great. I would post some post-op pics but J would kill me. They are quite comical though.

I decided I would start a countdown to Maine. It doesn't even feel like we're really going. But that's always how it goes when you have a bunch of stuff to do in between that's soaking up all of your thoughts.

Speaking of that, what should I be doing right now? My paper. What am I not doing right now? My paper. F school thats all I gotta say.

J and I have been watching HP like its our job. I haven't gone back and watched the first ones in forevs. Love it.

Is anyone over this heat or what? Another reason why I am psyched to go to Maine. Beautiful weather during the summer and the ocean breeze. I'm excited to have to put on a sweatshirt at night and sleep with the windows open. I did a huge sigh just thinking about it no joke.

J and I have also been addicted to Rob Dyrdeks fantasy factory. That dude is seriously hilarious. Omg I cry laughing every time I see an episode. We have always watched since it was Rob and Big but it just keeps getting better. He is off the wall. All of us think he's hilarious, including Kitty.

Lyd and I ended up having a discussion about our humor. Like how different people find different things funny. We have bad toilet humor. Like I mean bad, someone farts and we are all rolling in laughter. So of course this is just one of the many reasons why we think Rob Dyrdek is hilarious because he's got some serious toilet humor. And while our family thinks toilet humor is hilarious, M's bf does not. He just doesn't get it. But he thinks stuff like Curb Your Enthusiasm is hilarious. Ya not so much.

As Lyd mentioned in an earlier post, we hit up the pool again today. Love it. Kitty tried to teach us to float and then proceeded to challenge us to a walking on your hands in the pool contest. Rizzy won the hand walking contest. Then Lyddy tried to copy my perfect handstands. She failed, miserably.

Hmm... anything else random I can think of? Nope. Lucky you.



Saturday, July 30, 2011

Night Riders

So there's the fleet.  Cat's is the pink and black one with flames, mine is the retro light green and cream one on the left, and Riz's is the green one in the back with the basket on the front for Lucy Lou.

Tonight the 3 of us rode our bikes down to the neighborhood pool to clean since today marked the start of our pool cleaning week.  While Cat and I straightened chairs and picked up, Riz decided to jump in for a night swim.  I wasn't up for it, the night air was going to be too chilly in my opinion, but Riz said it was wonderful.  On our way back, we decided to go for a little night ride through the neighborhood.

There is seriously nothing better than summer night bike rides,  The weather is perfect and there is no one else around.  It is mildly dangerous since none of us have reflective gear or anything to alert drivers that we are there. Our plan is to hit up Wal-Mart tomorrow and pick up some safety gear, better safe than sorry!

photo credit
Now this is what we need.  Man, we'd be too legit to quit right?  We'll have to look into those suckers.  Regular head lights = boring.  A rave on your bike wheels = the stuff of legends.

Today was such a perfect day.  Cat bailed on the wine tasting with her work friends so after I got off work in the afternoon we all headed down to the pool.  We had it to ourselves for a little bit then a bunch of neighborhood kids showed up and Riz lost her patience a bit so we decided to head out.  We picked up some food for the patient (aka J, who is recovering well with only minor swelling) and a redbox, and then hit up a chinese food place for ourselves.

Perfect I tell ya.  Hopefully I can whip out my homework fairly quickly tomorrow so we can do it all over again!

Cheers to perfect summer nights,

Friday, July 29, 2011

McDonald's Wins Again

Now as a vegetarian, I have pretty much said goodbye to fast food, which is a good thing.  No one needs to eat that stuff on a regular basis.  However, every now and then I love myself a large fry and Diet Coke.  But McDonald's really outdid themselves now.
photo credit
Like, are we being serious right now? Rolo McFlurries!! It is like McDonald's creeped into my subconscious and was like "What would she love and never suspect us to come out with? Oh I've got it, Rolo McFlurries!"

I mean come on, do they want me stalking their drive-thru at all hours of the day?  I practically lick those bad boys clean.  Not a speck of caramel is wasted, vigilance I tell you.  Well done McDonald's, well done indeed.

Moving on, our lil bro got his wisdom teeth out like my sister told you.  Listening to him try to talk while his mouth is still numb, priceless.  At one point he tried to say San Francisco, it was fantastic.  He was doing pretty well tonight so it all looks good.   But we wish him a speedy recovery. He didn't experience the horror show Riz and I went through, lucky him.  And he's managed to wolf down 2 frosties and some pudding already, the kids got it made in the shade.

Over in my neck of the woods, work was a cluster today.  Just love it when that happens.  And I get to go back and do it tomorrow too.  But afterwards, Kitty is dragging Riz and I to a wine tasting that some of her co-workers invited her too, so that should be interesting.  The most belligerent I have ever seen our little Kitty was after she had some white wine at a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant in Florida.  So a wine tasting has the potential to be pretty exciting.  We promise to take pics this time so we can share.

photo credit

Hope everyone's Friday was better than mine! Have a relazing weekend!

Wisdom Teeth

Ya I guess lil sis and I are pretty b o r i n g this week. I have not been feeling well. However, this comes over me sometimes randomly. I feel nauseous, can't sleep, can't eat for about a week straight. One bad time 2 weeks straight. My friend thats a nurse said it's probably ulcers. It's about high time I probably got it checked out huh. It's just weird because I can't really attribute it to anything other than stress. Maybe that's all it takes though.

Anywho, lil bro will be getting his wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow! We were thoroughly freaking him out I think. Then Kitty reminded us about the last time he was put under when he got his tonsils and adenoids taken out. He wouldn't wake up for 5 hours! I would be shitting myself if I was cat and tum. Then when he finally woke up he threw up everywhere and couldn't stop so ended up being in the hospital for 3 days! So hopefully the anesthesia doesn't affect him so drastically this time around.

However lets recall how it affected Lyddy. When we got our wisdom teeth taken out (of course together) Lyddy was blowin chunks in the parking lot before we even got in the car! I was trying to hold it together and take care of her in the back seat on the way home and hold the bag for her without throwing up myself. I made it to the house, or shall we say the lawn. It was a cluster to say the least. How Kitty thought she could handle both of us by herself is beyond me, then she had to go to work! So she went and picked up my BFF who took care of us for the rest of the day.

O ya and we couldn't eat real food f o r e v e r. Like months no joke. One of my friends boyfriends at the time came over and was eating a cheeseburger and it was days after he got his done. I couldn't even eat a carrot months later. Hell I tell you.

Let's hope J has a better experience. I think Kitty has at least learned her lesson because we are both going for the whole time and are both taking care of him once he gets home. Then Lyddy and Tum will be getting home shortly after to help out as well. So he will have a herd of helpers. Only the best for lil J.

The only request he had was that he not be parked on the downstairs couch because we watch "weird" TV shows. I'm like dude you won't even know who you are, nevermind worrying about whats on TV or which couch you're on. He'll find out soon enough.

Anyways that's the excitement for this week. As lil sis mentioned summer school is almost over! Hooray! I have one test and one paper left in each class and we are officially done the 8th! But boy that summer seriously flew by. Life is flying by in general. You always wish for something in the future then regret it because you wonder where all that time went in between.

Once summer school ends, begins the countdown till graduation baby. Bring it on.



Thursday, July 28, 2011

Esty Lovin'

Hey guys!

Not a whole lot going on here today.  Took a test tonight, not sure how I did. Lighter note, only two more classes of summer school! Woo hoo!

So instead of using my time responsibly and studying hard for my test last night, I browsed Etsy and here is what I found...
Tennessee Farmhouse by Nicholas BellPhoto

Ceramic Owl by Claylicious
Many Stories to Tell by Honeytree
Torn Curtains by KonvaliiaDesigns
The Old Grey Shed by Firstlightphoto
Falling to Pieces by AmeliaKayPhotography
Blue Bottles in a Window by Blueberry Bay Photos
I realize that with the exception of the owls (amaze right?) these are all prints.  Don't know what my deal is, I just loved them all.  Especially the last one (Blue Bottles in a Window), love it.  With the lobster trap and the boat, awesome.

Anywho, go check out Etsy, there's some great stuff!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fare thee well 5 days off

So today marks the last day of my little work hiatus.  Bummer.  But it's been fun while it lasted.  We did two farmers markets, a new restaurant, and some pool time.

That brings us to today.  This morning I finally went to the dentist.  It's been a while, like 3 years or something like that. My bad. Cat's been all over me about it.  She even tried to get the dentist receptionist to call me to tell me I had to go.  The receptionist told her they can't really do that.  So I finally made an appointment and went dragging Kitty Daddy with me on his day off.

Let me tell you, it hurt! No wonder I wasn't running to go back.  They gave me god news and bad news.  Good cavities! Bad news, I had a little gingivitis.  Shhh, don't tell Cat, she'll kill me!  It's not a big deal or anything, I just need to focus more on my gums when I brush and really keep up on my flossing and it will go away.  But holy moly, my gums were bleeding like you wouldn't believe.  So Cat you win, I won't avoid the dentist for that long again, I have learned my lesson.

I guess we're even now though since she totally set me up for my doctors appt.  The woman waits until after I make a doctors appt. to tell me they are going to have to draw blood.  Now let me fill you in real quick, I do not get my blood drawn, homey does not play that.  I am 21 years old and up until now have managed to only have my finger pricked, it's a skill I tell you.  So now every time I think about the appt I want to faint/throw up. Lovely.

On a lighter note, I cleaned all the baseboards and doors of my apartment today.  Makes such a difference! Equal parts water and vinegar and a rag and this place is sparkling!

While I was cleaning I was listening to the Pandora Radio app.  It's a free one guys if you don't already have it.  So this gem came across my playlist and I was lovin' it so I had to share!

So time off, it's been real.  Until we meet again...

What's Cookin' Good Lookin' Wednesday

Wednesday is here again people! This summer is fllyyiinngg by and I am not happy about it!

My recipe for today isn't really a recipe it is more of a meal idea.  I haven't been putting to much effort into meals lately.  When it's hovering around 100 degrees outside, the last place I want to be is in a hot kitchen.  So this week I want to share a quick meal that has been my go to this past week.

Spicy Chick'n Boca Patties+Baked Potato+Corn on the Cobb

photo credit
These things are delish! Not to spicy but it has a bit of heat.  I cook them in the oven, 6 minutes on each side.  In my opinion the oven makes the outside crispier which is a must in my book.  Kitty daddy, the typical guy, is totally down to throw his in the microwave for a couple minutes, slather some ketchup on it, and call it a day.  Ga-ross.

So I just cook 'em up real quick and throw them on some hamburger buns.  In the mean time, I cook two potatoes in the micro for like 10 minutes, mash them up with some butter, and put some seasoning on them.  Sometimes I'll throw some broccoli on there too, yum!

This week I have been using corn on the cob too since our Dad hooked me up with some from the farmers market we hit up this past Saturday.  Sooo good!  And while Kitty Daddy has no preference on how his Chick'n patties are prepared, he would prefer to not have his corn on the cob cause it "gets in his teeth and is just annoying".  So the little Susie Homemaker I am, last night I cut his corn off the cob for him. (Yes I am aware I should just tattoo "enabler" on my forehead)

So super quick, easy, and yummy! Perfect for when you get home late and the last thing you want to do is sit in the kitchen for an hour making something.

I would really suggest that anyone who is looking into vegetarian recipes/diets, look into everything Boca has to offer.  I haven't come across anything I didn't like so far, and that's saying something cause as our Cat says I'm a "finicky kitty".


What's in your queue?

Sis and I have posted a bunch mentioning Ravelry but I don't think we have ever officially discussed it. For those of you out there that don't know what it is, it's a place where people can post knitting/crocheting patterns, can buy patterns, can log their projects, can keep track of their yarn, and many more things. There are tons of groups you can belong to ranging anywhere from people who love to knit on dpns to people who knit for charity. There are really so many things you can do on this site.

It gives you access to tons of free patterns and patterns that you can purchase. It's also great because if for instance you find a pattern that you want to make, you can see comments that others have left about that project giving tips and tricks about how they tweaked the pattern, found errors, or did things a little differently to get a better result. I first heard about it from a girl working at Joann's and also knitting pattern central often posted links to free patterns that brought you to ravelry.

So now that you know a little something about ravelry, let me share with you whats on the top of my list in my queue. Your queue in ravelry is a place where you can store patterns that you would like to potentially make in the future.

Here is our page on ravelry where you can see everything we have queued etc.

So what's in your queue?

Happy Knitting!


PS: The only problem with our Rav account is the fact that it is obviously shared by my sister and I meaning I can't queue her xmas gift ideas because she'll see them!

Fingerless Mitts

Well as you can see they didn't become glittens. Tear. I really wanted them to be. But I ran out of yarn and I certainly wasn't going to buy a whole nother skein for just the half a mitt part. So here they stay as fingerless mitts.

And your eyes aren't deceiving you. The right mitt has a shorter cuff. How does this happen? Apparently I can't count even with the help of a row counter. Or I just need to start measuring to be 100 percent sure. O well. Nothing I can do about it now.

I don't think these bad boys will be particularly warm. Just to keep your hands a little warmer while using your phone. Speaking of that. These are going to another friend as a bday gift who is now a proud owner of an iPhone.

If you would like to make these you can find the pattern here.

Also check us out on ravelry to see my comments on the pattern etc.

Happy knitting!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Warrior Rising

Finally I have officially read this entire series...

Warrior Rising by P.C. Cast is about the story of Achilles. It was very good. Another one of my favorites I'd say. Different twist on the theme of the other novels. Still involved the soul of a modern woman placed in the body of an ancient woman. And it was hilarious.

Thank you public library for ordering this for me! I didn't even know this was possible and I kinda felt like a bossy ass for asking (don't ask me why). I also put in a request for the rest of the Susanna Kearsley books. Still no word on that.

But seriously lets talk about how state of the art the library is. I know, I know I've said it before but seriously it's nuts. Lyddy can back me up on this, she was there when I picked this one up. You fill out a form to request the book you want with your info on it. They send you an email when it's in. Then apparently (I didn't know this) there is a wall that has all of these books waiting for people to pick up alphabetized with your name on it. Crazy I tell ya. Then you just check it out with the machines yourself and you're doneso.

So once again thank you public library for ordering this book for me. Oddily enough you had every other book in this series except this one. So actually I was kinda doing you a favor.


PS: Lyddy and I spent the day at the pool. Amazing. So I skipped my class and decided to just go to the lab (lab TA sent out another nasty-gram, ugh). Well karma hit me hard. Took me an hour and a half to get to school. It usually takes me anywhere from 30-45 minutes. So of course I was late to lab where we were actually doing something I needed to know. Worst day to be late, ever. And I was burnt to hell and my hair was still wet from the pool so it looked bad. Then I was in class for the remaining 30 minutes, which was just long enough for me to get a parking ticket. Then I had to drive all the way back home. Best day ever to worst day ever.

PSS: On a lighter note. Lyddy and I will be spending tomorrow at the pool as well and then meeting an old friend for lunch we haven't seen in months! Gotta love that.

New Project!

And it has begun! I finally started knitting again!  It's good to be back baby!

The project I decided on was The Commuter by Stephanie Sun.  Riz found this bad boy on Ravelry.   They are the perfect little love child of regular mittens and fingerless gloves.  So great for all those iPhone users out there that love fingerless gloves so they can use their phones however hate that the tips of their fingers freeze!

So my schedule worked out that I have a couple days off work in a row (yipee) and decided to start these last night to keep myself occupied and not do my summer school homework.

It hasn't been the quickest knit, however I haven't made any major mistakes either so I can't complain.  This pattern is also teaching me some new techniques which is nice, always good to improve your skills.  The first glove is just about done so I'll show you guys the finished project here soon.  (This is my trial knit before I use nice yarn. When I make them for real I'll go down a needle size or two cause they are bit big. Or I could just do a gauge swatch like I'm supposed to and go from there, we'll see.)

Happy Sunday night/Monday morning,

P.S. I was washing my face before getting in bed just now, and I looked over to see this.
G, what the heck are you doing in the shower? Haven't you heard, cats don't like water. Just another day in the life people.

P.S.S. I may or may not have thought of the most legit prez for my big sis for when this guy comes to town.

photo credit
And she'll never guess what it is! Winner!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Speed Knitter

Either I have become a speed knitter (highly unlikely) or these bad boys are a quick knit.

This is glitten numero uno. This is the pattern. The pattern actually has you create individual fingers but as Lyddy says, homey don't play that. So I adjusted the pattern accordingly. I actually think they have come out pretty good so far. Except they aren't fitting as well as I would have liked. They're loose between the thumb and cuff. Hmm.. Next time I'll probably need to knit them on US 3's instead of 4's.

Totally sick of this yarn by the way. I hope the rest of it will make it through the other mitt and the mitten tops. Fingers crossed.

Well I'm off to cast on glitten numero dos.



What a wonderful day...

9AM - First farmers market in a town over. People were lined up for hours for melons! After that we walked around the town and discovered another yarn shop! Kids in a candy store I tell ya. Tum sat himself down in a comfy chair and Kitty said she immediately relaxed. Gotta love yarn shops. Then Kitty says "It would be nice for everyone to have handmade stockings this year..." Subtle much?

11AM - Second Farmers market in our town. It was almost over but we still got some corn!

Noon - Lunch at a new restaurant that buys locally grown food and has a seasonal menu. Delicious.

2PM - Pool. It's been scorching here so Kitty and I spent a few hours at the pool. It was so hot the water wasn't even refreshing, it was like bath water. Thankfully it finally cooled off by a few degrees which made a world of a difference. Then J came down and Kitty and him had a splashing fight. Children.

5PM - Nap. Except Rizzy isn't very good at naps so it lasted 5 hours.

Overall a wonderful summer day,


Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's Good Etsy?

So I was exploring Etsy today after Riz showed me where to find the good stuff.  Gosh, if money only grew on trees people.  But since it doesn't, I am left to look with my eyes not my wallet.  However, I definitely want to share what caught my eye so maybe you guys will splurge and scoop up something awesome!
Get In Here by Clever Apple
I find this one hysterical, I don't know why.
Husavik Harbor by Penumbraimages
Loving this print.
Moose Rustic Hessian Cushion by RusticCountryCrafts
also by RusticCountryCrafts

I mean come on now? Moose, whale, need I go on?
Everything is Illuminated by IreneSuchocki

Another beautiful print.

Gotta love Etsy, they have everything! Go check it out for yourself!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mug Cozies!

Well currently it's cozy and a half. These are a quick easy knit. Here's the pattern if you would like to make one. The pattern is for a cozy that goes around coffee cups not mugs. I did 7 pattern repeats and crocheted the edges and added a chain loop for the button.

Thanks Aunt Cindy for the button!


PS: All 3 of us (Lyd, J, and I are currently on Lyddy's couch hangin out with the kitties! Lyddy and I have an upcoming adventure tomorrow!


Mug cozy number 2. This one came out better. I did one less repeat, I put the button on the opposite side and I bound off as tightly as I could. So quick! 2 in one night without even trying. And a great way to get rid of some of the stash!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Productive Days

Checked alot off the to-do list today. Including laundry and lots and LOTS of cleaning.

I find it so satisfying for my room and bathroom to be sparkling clean. Today it reached upwards of 115 degrees out here in the Midwest so I decided last night that today was the day to tackle the cleaning indoors.

So I scrubbed, polished, and vacuumed till I couldn't do it anymore then showered and put on some nice fresh jammies. -insert satisfied sigh- And can I say that I did all of this hard core cleaning with cramps? Yes I am a superwoman.

By the way vinegar is amazing. Lyddy was 100% right. Check out this post by my lil sis if you haven't already. I ended up taking apart my faucet in my bathroom that was barely working and soaking the end of it in vinegar and now it works like it's brand new. That stuff is awesome.

The only unfortunate part is J and I were gagging while cleaning because it stunk like we were in a pickle jar. However, I didn't follow Lyddy's suggestion of adding lemon to the water/vinegar solution. Next time I will.

Leave it to M to find a cheap/economical/better solution for cleaning. Gotta love that girl. I can't say that I would have bothered. I have always hated those harsh chemicals we are all so accustomed to using. However our Mom has brainwashed us into many things including but not limited to; bar soap being the only type of soap that can really get you clean and using lots of harsh chemicals for cleaning. This is probably why the soap scum in my shower is so bad you need an ice pick to get it off. No more bar soap for J and I thank you very much. And bring on the vinegar!

Tomorrow will hopefully be spent on work and homework. We can only hope for 2 productive days in a row so I can fully enjoy the weekend! Even though this whole summer has felt like a weekend. I am so glad I finally gave myself a break for once. This was really the only time I had left of my young adult years to take time off and I'm really glad I did.

So long for now,


What's Cookin' Good Lookin' Wednesday

Once again, sorry for my tardiness. I really need to start branching out cause I feel like I am running out of recipes to post.  Anyways, here is your belated recipe of the week.

Fried Tacos

To make these vegetarian we use Boca Meatless Crumbles. They are a soy protein substitute for ground meat. They are also vegan for any of you vegans out there.
photo credit
Flavor wise, they are definitely savory but not an exact meat flavor replica.  The texture is softer than real meat but firmer than tofu.  However, we really enjoy them.  They come in a resealable package so you don't have to use the whole bag at once which is nice.

Anywho, you will need
  • Boca Meatless Crumbles
  • Old El Paso Taco Seasoning (or whichever is your favorite)
  • water
  • taco sized tortillas (again, brand does not matter, I buy whatever is cheapest)
  • mexican blend cheese
  • any other taco toppings (olives, cherry tomatoes, etc.)
  • Canola oil (vegetable oil works too, but canola is recommended)

  1. The boca crumbles all get frozen together in the package so just break those up a bit before you open them and that will shorten your cook time.
  2. I use the whole package and cook in a deep skillet on about medium heat until cooked through
  3. Add about a 1/2 C of water to the meat and stir in seasoning packet.  Cook until water boils off. I like to brown them a bit at this point too, but that's just me.
  4. In a second deep skillet, bring about an inch of oil to temperature (the surface will look like its moving a bit)
  5. Assemble your tacos like normal (cheese+toppings too) and use toothpicks to keep them closed.
  6. Gently place into oil and fry until golden brown, remembering to turn them so both sides get fried.  Watch the temp of the oil so it does not smoke and set off your fire alarm (this happens to us too often) and unless you want to smell like a frialator and be forced to change, febreeze, and perfume before your siblings will let you go to see the last HP movie, then I would suggest opening some doors/windows and turning on fans as well.
  7. Remove from oil and place on a plate with a paper towel to remove excess oil.
  8. Remove toothpicks and serve

These are delish and very filling.  Kitty Daddy's mom makes them and she is the one who taught Kitty Daddy to make them so I can't claim this one as my own.  This just goes to show all the ways you can make everyday recipes and adapt them to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy, Happy Thursday!


Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut?

I'm in a few right now. But the first one that pops into my head is a food rut.

This is my menu lately =

Turkey sandwich (wheat bread, boars head turkey, American cheese, grey poupon mustard, pickle)

...for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No joke that's all I want to eat. And I've been eating this sandwich for days now. Weird I know. This happens to me though, especially with sandwich's I don't know why. I guess I'm just a phase kind of person.

My poor Mum. She tries to keep up with my food obsessions because of course when you're only eating one thing you go through it pretty fast. But by the time she catches up to it I'm onto something else.

Anyway, onto other ruts. Hair part rut. I have been doing the "intense side part" for years. It's kinda always been my signature. Well I'm finally over it and ready to move on. Only problem is MY HAIR ISN'T BLOND ALL OVER MY HEAD! Who knew? Not me. It's straight brown down the middle. Looks like I'll just have to deal with the brown hair till the hair in this part lighten from the sun. I actually have my hair parted down the middle now and I love it already. I've been spending the past year clipping back the side of the part with more hair. Finally I was like duh, just part it down the middle.

Next rut, gift giving rut. I have a friend who's bday's coming up very soon and I can't seem to think of an appropriate gift. The money flow isn't exactly ideal so I have to be creative. I was going to knit her something but I just can't seem to find the right garment or pattern. Hmm... An etsy gift maybe? And treating her to lunch?

And the ruts go on but those are the top ones on my list currently. What about you, any ruts?


PS: What I am loving today =

Flame Just Bitten lipstain by Revlon
Air conditioning

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pool Day...Almost

Stupid pool people ruined our pool day.  Supposedly cleaning the pool but kept it closed all day, I mean come on!

Anywho, Riz and I had ourselves a good day anyways. We hit up Target, Goodwill, our local yarn store, and the gas station for drinks of course.  Always an adventure.

Got some high waisted pants to make into shorts, pretty excited. Once they're done I'll post some pictures.  But beware, Riz's definitely look better than mine.

I did find some legit nail polish at Target though.  It's called Minted by Revlon.  It looks like a minty sea foam green color.  Cat was calling me Kermit, but she's just being a hater.  Kitty Daddy said I looked like I had swamp toe nails, but he doesn't even notice when I am wearing makeup, so his vote doesn't count either.  Riz and I love the color, that's all that matters!
Ignore my veiny feet please, only focus on the cool nail color
So cheers to a ruined pool day turning itself around!

P.S. Sorry about no WCGLW. I totally forgot until just now.  So I'll try for tomorrow guys, my bad.

The Cabled Mitts

Phew finally. If you would like to make these here is the pattern.

My changes: double stranded, size 8 dpns, no cable repeat on the top of the mitten, coff/on 13 sts 4 rows after reserving sts for thumb, 2x2 ribbing for the bottom of the cuff.

What I would do in the future: I wouldn't convert it to a mitten flap. I wouldn't do the repeat on the arm and might do the repeat on the top. Single stranded.

I can't say for certain that I won't do these again, but at the very least it won't be in the near future. The cables were t e d i o u s. I'm just glad they're done. I hope the recipient likes them. I'm worried about the mitten flap area. I tacked down the sides of those flaps but I just don't think they'll stand up to the wear.



The Needle Eater

Let me introduce you to the needle eater. I have been diligently knitting away at my other cabled mitt. I just want to get these damn things done. And of course since there are 3 sets of cables I am using a cable needle quite frequently. Well some of my cables are at the end of rows so I drop the 5th needle to finish the row off with the cable needle. Bad idea.

This chair is one I frequently knit in. It has this individual light above it so I don't disturb everyone else (everyone as in the canines). It is also placed near a vent to cool me off when I start sweating during the stressful parts of the project (I know I know, chill out its only kitting, I'm trying). It also reclines and has the whole foot rest thing too. So bottom line, it frequently acts as my knitting station.

Well a while ago I lost a straight needle. I couldn't find it anywhere, I cleaned and searched high and low, still couldn't find it. I kept going back to the chair to look for it, nope wasn't there. Finally I basically took the chair apart and low and behold, the chair ate it.

So tonight as I'm ferociously knitting away, my 5th dpn vanished. Poof. Gone-zo. I knew the chair must have ate it. So I dug and dug. Pulled this thing apart. Picked it up. Flipped it upside down. No cigar. And now I'm thoroughly annoyed. So I call in backup, lil bro.

He finally comes down, I explain the situation, he looks at me like I'm an idiot (of course). Then proceeds to stick his hand inside the chair and comes out with it first try. Hands it to me and says goodnight, and goes back upstairs.


Anyway, back to it,


PS: Where is the 5th dpn now you ask? Lodged in my bra. Take that chair.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Au Naturel

So I try to be as environmentally conscious as I can.  Granted, I could do a better job at it but I do make an effort people.  Anywho, one of the main things I try and stay away from is products with lots of chemicals.  My big one in this category is cleaning products.  Those bad boys have tons of chemicals and it is really unnecessary.

I feel like a lot of people need to see "bleach" or "anti-bacterial" or "disinfectant" on the front of a bottle to make them think that the product will work.  I was definitely guilty of this myself.  However, in an effort to be healthier and also go a little easier on my wallet whenever possible, I started looking for more natural household cleaners that you could mix up yourself.

And what I found was ah-maazzinnggg!  I'm sure a lot of you guys out there already knew about the magical powers vinegar possesses.  However, my only use for vinegar until recently was to make my Italian dressing in my little cruet.

photo credit
ps. I buy the generic brand, its cheaper, no offense Heinz
But that time has passed vinegar, you are now a staple in my house and I don't know how I could have made it these past few years in my orientation to Susie Home-maker-dom and not know the dark horse you were.

You see my friends, you mix equal parts vinegar and water, and maybe a squirt of lemon juice for scent, and you have yourself the cheapest household all-purpose cleaner ever.  And it works like a charm.  It is a natural disinfectant so you don't have to worry about it not being enough to kill all those germs.

photo credit

Spritz this sucker in the sink and watch stain and hard water crusties flee.  Try it on metal and it shines up so nice you can practically see your blackheads in your reflection. (Kitty will back me up, she was definitely "wowwed" by the little vinegar solution that could).

Mix equal parts vinegar and rubbing alcohol and you have your very own Windex for cheap.

Splash some into your washing machine instead of fabric softener and freshen up your clothes. (especially towels)

Mix equal parts vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and you have the best stain remover I have ever used hands down.  A while ago kitty daddy tracked something black across our carpet that stained something fierce.  It was almost like motor oil or something, I couldn't get it out for the life of me.  I put this little solution on a rag and dabbed/scrubbed.  Voila, the stain is gone!

Last but not least, I have a shedding problem that anyone who knows me can attest to.  My hair falls out at an unnatural rate.  I have to use wire mesh drains in the tub to try and catch as much hair as possible.  However, some still slips by so the drain is constantly clogged leaving my tub a filthy mess full of hair and soap scum.  I used to spend the money and pour Drain-o down it every couple of weeks but that stuff is not cheap and its all chemicals.  I would be worried that while I let it sit doing it's thing B would get too curious and accidentally ingest some or something.  So I took matters into my own hands.  First, I used some wire I had lying around and hooked one end to make my own drain snake. ( you can do this with a wire hanger too, I just didn't have any).  I pulled as much hair out of the drain as I could with this. (Yes, it was as gross as it sounds, and it was my own hair. Idk how plumbers do it, I would throw up like 5 times a day).  Next, I boiled some water and slowly poured that down the drain to melt any soap or oils that were blocking the way.  Then, I used about a 1/4 C of baking soda and I packed that down into the drain.  Then I chased it with about a 1/2 C of vinegar.  Let it hang out for like 15 then rinse.  I let it bubble up out of the drain but other people say to block it with a rag or something so all that action stays in the drain.  People also use the boiling water after the vinegar/baking soda, but when I did it my way it worked great so I would suggest maybe trying whatever way you want and adjusting from there.

But man oh man is my drain clean.  Its been a couple weeks and still no clog, gotta love it!  This is also a good trick if you suffer from stinky drains.

I hope this helps you guys start exploring different ways to use household products to cut down on all those chemicals and to cut your wallet some slack!


P.S. Kitty Daddy is sound asleep next to me.  He's been working really hard at work and is just burnt out, bless his lil heart.  He was snoring at one point, and I had voice memos ready to go on my iPhone to capture it all and share it with the world.  But then his subconscious must have caught on to me cause he stopped.  Another night friends, another night.



For my Lyddy!

Welcome to the new and improved Etsy post!
Now I have featured a picture of these amazing finds so you don't have to click the link to figure out what it is! Thank you Lyddy for teaching me this wonderous trick. As you will notice the description of the product is also a link that brings you to the shop on etsy where you can buy the product!
Heart you Etsy, looking forward to when I have more dollar bills to buy you up!