Thursday, July 21, 2011

Productive Days

Checked alot off the to-do list today. Including laundry and lots and LOTS of cleaning.

I find it so satisfying for my room and bathroom to be sparkling clean. Today it reached upwards of 115 degrees out here in the Midwest so I decided last night that today was the day to tackle the cleaning indoors.

So I scrubbed, polished, and vacuumed till I couldn't do it anymore then showered and put on some nice fresh jammies. -insert satisfied sigh- And can I say that I did all of this hard core cleaning with cramps? Yes I am a superwoman.

By the way vinegar is amazing. Lyddy was 100% right. Check out this post by my lil sis if you haven't already. I ended up taking apart my faucet in my bathroom that was barely working and soaking the end of it in vinegar and now it works like it's brand new. That stuff is awesome.

The only unfortunate part is J and I were gagging while cleaning because it stunk like we were in a pickle jar. However, I didn't follow Lyddy's suggestion of adding lemon to the water/vinegar solution. Next time I will.

Leave it to M to find a cheap/economical/better solution for cleaning. Gotta love that girl. I can't say that I would have bothered. I have always hated those harsh chemicals we are all so accustomed to using. However our Mom has brainwashed us into many things including but not limited to; bar soap being the only type of soap that can really get you clean and using lots of harsh chemicals for cleaning. This is probably why the soap scum in my shower is so bad you need an ice pick to get it off. No more bar soap for J and I thank you very much. And bring on the vinegar!

Tomorrow will hopefully be spent on work and homework. We can only hope for 2 productive days in a row so I can fully enjoy the weekend! Even though this whole summer has felt like a weekend. I am so glad I finally gave myself a break for once. This was really the only time I had left of my young adult years to take time off and I'm really glad I did.

So long for now,


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