Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Find of the Century

Minnetonka's for 5 bucks at Goodwill! Omg I can't even contain my excitement. I just jumped to Zappos (btw the only site I order shoes from, free shipping and they ship overnight with free delivery back if you need to exchange or anything, best customer service hands down) to try to find the original price for these shoes. I could only find the Thunderbird version, 50 bucks!

Hands down, find of the century. I cleaned them and they look brand new. The only downside being they're a size 7. I'm more of a 7 1/2 - 8. So they're tight. But I'll shove my feet in these beautiful bad boys for 5 bucks any day.

Wait till you see what else I got... Post coming soon once I doctor them a bit.

Lyd and I have a couple pairs of Minnetonka's. I have I think two pairs, these ones and another pair of mocs I can't find online. M has these boots and these shoes. So jealous of those boots of hers. I haven't seen you wear them in forevs Lyddy, they're so cute! I have been wanting these boots since high school. I can never justify the price though. And the price keeps going up. They used to be 88 now they're 98! So expensive.

Ta Ta for now,


PS: Tearing up already even reading M's post. It's gunna be a situation in that movie theater.

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