Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Official

We are in. In as in Harry Potter midnight showing on Thursday night. Can I get a BOO YA! We first went to the theater closest to Lyd and all 8 (!) midnight show times were sold out. I really wonder what kind of records this movie is going to break. Epic.

Then we decided to go to this arts theater in a high class mall near us that normally only shows special films. Walla! They only had one showing at midnight and they weren't sold out yet. We hit the jackpot.

After that Lyddy and I did a bit of window shopping. Starting with Nordstrom's. Gotta love Nordstrom's. Nicer than Macy's but not as fancy shmancy as Saks. Not saying that we shop there because we really don't. We're more F21/Target gals, but we do go there for the random thing you can only find at Nordstrom's, such as Hunter rainboots.

I am dying for a pair. I love rainboots. But I always think they look a little clunky and childish. All the ones I have bought have been t e r r i b l e. I swore they leaked and then low and behold they do. Need a cold anyone? Ya just strap on a pair of rainboots that leak and walk around campus for hours with wet socks. Fun.

So I have been dying for a legit pair that's stylish and can be worn in the snow. I'm sick of f-uggs being my only option in the winter because I hate to ruin my other shoes. Bring on the Hunters baby. Never mind Alys Fowler wears her original greens ones almost constantly in her garden, so naturally we must match her, duh.

Of course Lyddy refused to try anything on, even though they were only shoes, but I didn't push her, we were only window shopping.

Next stop (well there were more in between but not worthy of posting about), Anthropologie. By the way, lil sis has a great eye and great taste and doesn't give herself any credit. She was picking out uber cute stuff, and she has been relying on me for her fashion sense for years?!!? She had one the whole time! Jeez Louise.

Anyway, super cute stuff! I haven't really spent much time in there because if I was going to buy anything in that store it would be off the sale rack and that's the only place people actually shop in that store, it's always a cluster.

Case in point. Lyddy would call out to me from a little ways away holding up a garment or something for my judgement. Then of course I would say it's cute/adorable/etc. (great taste this girl!) and then she would proceed to look at the price tag... "Ya nice for 88 DOLLARS!!!" Or something to that effect. I love my lil sis. She brings everyone back to reality. Honestly even when the day comes when she could easily afford that 88 dollar sweater, she still wouldn't buy it. Why? Because she could make it and she sees things for how much they're worth. She would spend that money if she really thought it was worth that much money, but only then, and only if she had plenty of money hanging around with no better place for it, which I doubt would happen. Not a compulsive buyer this one. It's one of the many things I love about her.

Thanks for a wonderful day Lyddy! Dare to be yourself and wear the clothes you like, don't be intimidated by things because you don't think you could pull them off. Just own it girl.


PS: Omg I was on a blog the other day, I think Cozy Kitchen (the links on the left), and she said the funniest thing. She was like my life's crazy busy stressful yadda yadda. Then she proceeded to say, "and Teresa's money problems stress me out (why?!?)." Hilarious. We love the housewives, we're big NJ fans too. I just caught myself up on NY and NJ tonight.

Can we also get a cheers to Flipping Out starting again! Seriously probably my favorite show hands down of all time TV watching history. Maybe even a hair over Bethenny. Hilarious. Every person on that show is hilarious and I love Jeff. His disfunctionalness is hysterical and the fact that he can be an ass but also has a heart just always gets me. HUGE fan. The whole fam is. We absolutely love that show. Can't say enough about it. Zoila is probably our fav. Or Jenny. Or Jeff. Love them all!

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