Friday, July 1, 2011

Do or Don't

Do you ever wish you could be a dork sometimes just for one day? My one day would be reserved for the HP finale midnight showing. I want to show up in full gryffindor garb.

Am I alone on this one? I was looking into buying our tickets today for part 2. So once I stumbled upon the ample HP accessories on etsy I couldn't resist but post about it.

I was tempted to buy the siblings and I each a shirt from this store for the finale. They would never wear them. I don't even think I could sport the HP attire to the finale. Just a tad embarrassing.

Can't I be a dork for just one day?


PS: Confessional:

Breakfast = pancakes, syrup, bacon
Snack = oreos
Dinner = chick-fil-a


PSS: I have been working on the cowl today and have doubled it since last nights pic. Hooray! I'm holding back the urge to power knit my way through it till it's done (meaning staying up till it's done or till I run out of yarn). This seems to be a habit of mine. I think it all stems back to a lack of patience. Sigh.

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