Monday, July 25, 2011

New Project!

And it has begun! I finally started knitting again!  It's good to be back baby!

The project I decided on was The Commuter by Stephanie Sun.  Riz found this bad boy on Ravelry.   They are the perfect little love child of regular mittens and fingerless gloves.  So great for all those iPhone users out there that love fingerless gloves so they can use their phones however hate that the tips of their fingers freeze!

So my schedule worked out that I have a couple days off work in a row (yipee) and decided to start these last night to keep myself occupied and not do my summer school homework.

It hasn't been the quickest knit, however I haven't made any major mistakes either so I can't complain.  This pattern is also teaching me some new techniques which is nice, always good to improve your skills.  The first glove is just about done so I'll show you guys the finished project here soon.  (This is my trial knit before I use nice yarn. When I make them for real I'll go down a needle size or two cause they are bit big. Or I could just do a gauge swatch like I'm supposed to and go from there, we'll see.)

Happy Sunday night/Monday morning,

P.S. I was washing my face before getting in bed just now, and I looked over to see this.
G, what the heck are you doing in the shower? Haven't you heard, cats don't like water. Just another day in the life people.

P.S.S. I may or may not have thought of the most legit prez for my big sis for when this guy comes to town.

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And she'll never guess what it is! Winner!

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