Thursday, July 7, 2011

Subtle Much?

Jeepers! I guess Riz didn't get the subtle gene huh? Dually noted Riz, I'll keep the needles in mind for Christmas in 6 months!

To add on to my sisters knitting tips, I have a crochet tip to share.  Just like our Grammie, I am left handed.  With knitting, being left handed doesn't pose any difficulties.  And for all you lefties out there, you gotta love something that both left and right handed people interchangeably.  Can I get an amen for left handed scissors and spiral bound notebooks!

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about crocheting. As my big sis mentioned, we taught ourselves the better part of what we know about knitting and crocheting.  I found these great left handed crochet tutorials on youtube. Here is the link to one of the tutorials.

Hope that helps my fellow lefties. Like my Grammie says, we'll rule the world one day.

Fun fact:
The b.friend and I are both left handed and have the same middle name spelt the same way. Weird, I know.  However, eating side by side is a dream.  No battling elbows, woo hoo!

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