Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can't impatience be a virtue?

Once again, I couldn't help myself, I am so impatient!

I love how these look, I don't like how they fit. Don't get me wrong they're cozy and everything but the top part of the mitt is just a tad too short. There was the option to do another set of cabling at the top but that would have made it too long. Probably should have aired on the side of too long. However, I do have another friend whose bday is also coming up that has smaller hands than me by just a little so I think these would be perfect for her.

The flip top opening was a bit of a disaster despite what the pictures show and after reading the comments on the flip top mitten there was a much cleaner way to go about it than the directions instructed. I'll know better for next time. However I don't think there will be a next time for this cabled mitt pattern. Sorry cabled mitts but you're too tedious for my patience level and your mitten top is awkward.

To add insult to injury:
1. I ran out of yarn which is why this mitt is incomplete.
2. This is mitten numero uno and unfortunately for me my friend has two hands
3. The lab TA sent out a nasty-gram around 11 pm stating that paper 1 is NOT due tomorrow but is due NEXT Monday and if anyone had attended lab last week or any of the weeks before it (apparently less than half didn't, Riz included) we would have know that paper 1 was NOT due tomorrow. I mean I get it, he's pissed he has to show up when no one else does but for real don't take it out on us. I'm a TA I know how it is, but you can't take it out on the students just because you signed up for the job. At least I get paid for mine...SORRY BUD HOW DO YA LIKE THEM APPLES Anywayyyy

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