Thursday, September 29, 2011

Night World No. 3

Night World No. 3 by L.J. Smith tells the story of 3 of the 4 wild powers that find their soulmates and join the race to save the end of the world from happening. Yep another silly book but hey it's a love story and not a textbook so I'm not complaining. On to the last in the series.


Monday, September 26, 2011


So I have been wanting to do something to my hair to spruce it up for a little bit now.  So when I saw this whole ombre thing all over the place I was like "Hey, that might be something to try".  And since it's just the ends, in my mind it isn't as huge of a commitment as doing all over color.  However, there is no way in hell a penny pincher like me is going to go to a salon to get my hair dyed, I don't even go to get my hair cut anymore, Rizzy does it for me!

So I decided to do some googling and sure enough there were tons of blogs and youtube videos of DIY ombre hair dying.  After doing my research I decided to just go for it.  I didn't even consult Riz first (big step people)!

I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a highlighting kit. L'oreal Super Blonde in bleach blonde to be exact.  It was around $8.
photo credit

And at 10:30 last night, I put my big girl panties on and decided to just give it a go.

Here is my before picture...
Kitty Daddy was in bed already which is why I was attempting to take pics of my hair by myself.

And my after pic...

Ta-Da! And I know you are all super jealous of my sweet work shirt, yum. (heavy on the sarcasm)

So it was super simple.  I just divided my hair into four sections and rubbed the bleach in to about chin/shoulder length.  I let it marinate for a half hour, rinsed and dried the ends, then put more bleach in focusing more on the ends this time to try and get more of a color gradation (not 100% that's the word I'm looking for but I'm going to go with it).  Super easy for anyone who is thinking about trying it!

Happy Monday,

Home Tour

So as Riz already told you guys, us girls went on a home tour this weekend.  While some of the houses were amazing, others were not. Lets just say one of them reeked of cat pee.  And as a cat owner myself, I really do not feel there is any excuse for that.  I live in a 600 sq ft apartment and you cannot smell cat litter, there is no reason why an entire house would be unbearable stinky!

Anywho, here are a couple pics of ones we did like...

Using palettes as a head board was something we saw over on Stylizmo and loved the idea so we died when we saw someone did it in there house!
All in all, such a fun day!

Night World No. 2

Night World No. 2 by L.J Smith follows along basically with the first book. It has 3 separate stories in it with basically the same story line. 2 people that break the night world laws by being soulmates. And within the stories, all the people end up being interconnected. So no. 2 was 3 more stories, same idea. I got no. 3 today.

In other news. I'm sick. Boo. I never get sick so it feels extra yucky. It took me forevs today to write a 5 pg paper. ugh. With only more papers and tests to come this week, why?? Ya, it's this torture called college.



Sunday, September 25, 2011


These are just a few patterns in my mental queue lately. The where the wild things are sweater is actually more of a pattern that I think is so cute. My ex-boyfriend loved where the wild things are and I know he would have loved this sweater. His loss. Anyway. I love the seaside cowl. But since I am struggling with colorwork right now (ugh) I don't see this anywhere in the horizon. Now this cable pillow is more doable. Very pretty, straight out of pottery barn right now. However this is another tedious project. Frustrated with knitting, again.

Happy knitting,


PS: Both the "where the wild things are" and the "ships and seaside" are from Tiny Owl Knits. I love all of her patterns, no joke.

PSS: Lyd, Cat, and I all went to a home show in a cute hip/historic town close to us yesterday. We had a really good time. I hope Lyddy posts some pics!

Friday, September 23, 2011

In love with my loveseat

Meet my loveseat! I never thought in a million years I would be so excited about a piece of furniture. This is my first furniture purchase! I feel like such an adult!

I found this gem at goodwill, before you freak out, it's in perfect shape, a sealy and everything zips off. So I cleaned this bad boy up and walla, brand spankin!

As you can see by the pic it's a green color, not bad, but I wouldn't necessarily choose it if I had other options. Soo when I get my couch and the rest of my furniture once I fly the coop, I'll DIY a slipcover. I'm thinking gray or white.

So excited. I can taste the freedom! PS: I only paid $45 for this!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The beginning of the slipper sock

Meet the beginning of my lovely slipper socks. Not too shabby for my first stranded project if I do say so myself. All the knitters out on ravelry new to stranding caution everyone to watch their tension with stranded knitting because we newbies tend to make our floats too tight which isn't good. So I have been trying VERY hard to avoid this and I think I have been successful. 13 more rows till I can start my first chart!

Stranded knitting seemed so daunting to me, just like I guess everything new is. But it seriously is a breeze. Easy peasy. Another technique under my knitters belt to make me feel like a "real" knitter. Remember the socks? Ya another "real" knitter experience.

I haven't hit charts yet so I may change my tune a bit then. PS I almost really embarrassed myself and sent the designer a really dumb question, thankfully Tum (of all people) cleared up my confusion so I think I understand the whole pattern now. Sometimes (often) I make things way more difficult than they need to be.

A little buzz kill on this project though is the fact that our mum asked me if this project was the stockings. Shit. Somehow with the hype of buying this pattern and everything else going on, I totally forgot about the stockings. Whoops. So I think I may just break my cardinal rule and do 2 projects at once. I am someone who likes to do one thing, finish it, then move onto the next. I don't like to leave things unfinished. But my Mom seemed so bummed when I said this wasn't the stockings that I just think it may be necessary. So close to doing something just for me and not feeling guilty about close!

O ya and if you'll notice I'm using cheap yarn again. Ya ya it's just cheap and I'm broke! Plus totally washable which is of the utmost importance to me. Lets be honest, feet get gross and I'm certainly not hand washing socks/slippers.

Nighty night,


PS: Track my progress and get the info about this pattern here on rav.

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Pattern Purchase

I couldn't resist.

These are called Kamchatka: Knitted Mukluks and Slipper Socks. I absolutely love this pattern. It is quite daunting because I have yet to do any stranded knitting yet and it has different sock shaping than I am used to. Eeks! I think I am going to have to email the designer with questions which is something I NEVER do but I think it's going to be necessary with these bad boys. These will be for me. I absolutely love them and love slipper socks. I also think I am going to buy this exact yarn as well, depending on the price and availability of course.

I have already cleared up some of my questions from verypink tutorials. Of course, she is great!

Happy Knitting and GOODNIGHT,


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy Bee

For me (R) it's been a fast and productive weekend. It's been filled with crafting and laundry. So I feel somewhat accomplished.

I finished these of course. And today I made lil-bro a snuggie. Yes a snuggie. A request by him which was a miracle. So many handmade gift requests this year, gotta love that.

So I went to Hancock yesterday since all fleece was 54% off (whaa!) and got some charcoal colored fleece for his snuggie and Daddio some Patriots fleece for the pj pants I plan on making him for xmas.

So today I embarked upon the snuggie project. And now I remember why I never sew, it is soooo tedious. Took me forever and I screwed up, twice, cutting. How can I screw up a snuggie? There are literally only three pieces. The arm holes were significantly bigger than the sleeves and the cuts for the arm holes were too close together. But with some finageling I got it all to work. And it's huge, fuzzy and warm, so much better than a store bought snuggie, I even sewed on a pocket for his phone/remote etc. I'll post pics when he opens it on xmas.

I also whipped out the serger. Years ago my lovely parents got me one for my bday and I LOVE it. However, it has barely been used due to the difficulty of threading a serger. Probably the hardest thing ever. Now I understand why my sewing teacher in HS would get so pissed when someone screwed up the serger.

So anyway, I was determined to use it because of how much that bad boy cost my parents and how much nicer it makes sewed garments. So I re-threaded it and presto! It worked! Alongside my Singer sewing machine that I've had since junior high (thanks again parents), my serger and I made a snuggie!

Two Christmas presents down 39547392048 to go,


Documentary Update

I have yet another documentary to report on.  I just finished the first 3 discs of The Up Series.

photo credit

For those of you who haven't heard about it yet, it is a British documentary that checks up on a group of the same kids every seven years from the time that they are seven to see how they have grown up and who they have become.

I have watched up through when they are 28 and I think it is really interesting.  Being American, it is hard to follow sometimes because they have very different educational systems and that kind of stuff but otherwise it is a good story.

Since I have been watching this all day it is probably time to start on my homework but I am dreading it.  I would give my right arm to be graduated already and never take another test, write another paper, or do homework again for the rest of my life!

photo credit

I just want to live somewhere like this, and be one with nature. Graduation can't come soon enough.



One of the blogs we follow, Idle Hands, does this wonderful post regularly called "ravelry roundup." In these posts she lists projects she is itching to make from ravelry. I love this idea, so I am going to do my own version today.

Funny Patterns:

Hat $4.50



Cable Scarf FREE (Mom's request for xmas)

Headwrap FREE

Socks FREE

Toasty FREE

Happy Knitting!


Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's been a while Etsy!

Till next time,



These are finally done.

Ya ya crappy iPhone pics, sue me. I'm not really happy with these but I can't really pinpoint why. I have been frustrated with knitting lately. After the slipper socks I have been just UGH in regards to knitting. I guess I just want to be a perfect knitter already (perfectionist issues 101). My purls are looser than my knits. I have to pay close attention to my tension. Etc. etc. I also think my frustration may lie with my use of cheap yarn. I probably need to stop being so cheap and get the good stuff, or at least better stuff. At least get myself some Cascade 220 or something.

I haven't added the button loops yet. I got frustrated, they'll come tomorrow. Right now this is a FO according to ravelry. The toggles are gifted from our Aunt. She got a bunch (tons!) of buttons in an auction and let us pick what we wanted when we went to Maine. We came home with a bunch of goodies, these included. Thanks Aunt Cindy!

Btw remember these? The Lingo's? Ya still haven't done them. Maybe it's due to the fact that they're small needles, stranded, and small yarn. Yep that probably sums it up. I'm a little intimidated. But I really want to move on to another challenge. So I guess those are next, especially considering I bought the pattern, it seems wrong that I haven't made them yet.

So anyway, back to the glittens, if you are interested in making them they are a free pattern (thanks!) and can be accessed here. I did make a few mods that you can check out on ravelry.

Happy Knitting folks,


Friday, September 16, 2011

Just Chillll

Today's a chill day for Cat, J, and I. We all skipped today. It's nice to skip eventhough I do it too much. It seems like I always need a break. We're all off and on snoozing along with snoring dogs. Yay.

Happy Friday!


PS: Breaking Dawn Oct. 1st start the countdown...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

VW Bus wants/needs

I want one of these...

Why? I don't know. Well ya I guess I do, because they're so cool! I seriously love everything about the 60's and 70's, including VW buses. How cool would that be to drive around the U.S. in one of these bad boys. The camper versions are so cool with AV outlets, a sink, a fridge, tables, a pop up roof, and a seat that converts into a bed. Awesome. So instead of doing my paper that's due tomorrow, ahem, I've been searching for VW buses on ebay. This one is completely renovated and has a buy it now price of 16,000.

More expensive than I thought but I guess it probably takes alot a time, money and effort to get these looking so spiffy. So now I've got my Dad's gears rolling. Ya see our Daddio can build just about anything from a car to a motorcycle to a house. Now kids with parents like that are either one of two ways, either their parents raise them teaching them how to do all of the things they know how to do, or they do it all themselves because its easier and faster that way. Unfortunately we're the latter of the two. But I will say that they have ingrained in us not to buy things brand spankin' new because it's cheaper to buy it with some issues and make it what you want by yourself for cheaper than you would pay for something someone else has refurbished. Especially when it comes to houses. And it's sort of an adventure along the way and very rewarding in the end.

So long story short, Dad now wants to buy a VW bus and fix it up to look something like this spiffster. Of course that would be so fun and an adventure but that also requires mula. Wha wha whaaa. He had VW's growing up and he said they're really easy to work on but they have terrible emission issues so they're not environmentally friendly. So that kinda goes against my save the planet morals. Pros and Cons.

By the way, I wonder how comfy this seat/bed is...

Kinda just looks like a piece of foam to me. I'd try to put a mattress pad on that bad boy. I like to sleep comfy or else I'm a grouch.

Now I just need a one with nature/camping/hiking kinda boy to take adventures with...

Till next time,


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I went to DSW today and here is what I found amongst other lovelies...

This is my undercover shot from DSW so I could mms the photo to M to see what she thought. This is where you can find them on their website. They are $90. However, these are still my fav...

Someday. These are $90 as well. I seriously love Minnetonka. If I could have every single pair of their shoes I would be a happy girl. O ya, I found M's pair...

These are called the woodstock. I love these. I am still in shock that she asked for them and its been years. I'm not 100% that this is the color she has because I haven't seen them in F O R E V E R. Wear them Lyd! They are so cute.

Well that's probably enough Minnetonka for one night. I will conclude this post by saying how miraculous it is that these shoes have stood the test of time and have been in style for so many years!

Bravo Minnetonka,


PS: I would totally be an amazing spokeswoman for their company, just sayin.

PSS: My friend and I were discussing the blog and I was telling her how much I enjoyed it. It's kind of like a journal. There aren't any rules like papers for school or reports for work. You just write what you want, when you want. Thanks blog!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Banana Bread

This is whats left of the banana bread I made last night. Yum! Hello Fall! This is my favorite banana bread recipe. It has sour cream in it. This is Martha's recipe found here. And the good news is I made two loaves!


Today (Yesterday).

I have been avidly working on these glittens. Ugh. Adding that mitten flap is turning out to be quite difficult. I hope they still look wearable or else I'll cry. Also on the list from today. Mom has requested that I knit stockings for everyone for Christmas. She says she wants nothing else except homemade stockings. So I did a ravelry roundup (thanks Idle Hands) of xmas stockings and we all agreed on these.

Here is the pattern but this is actually a picture of a version done by a fellow raveler. She did an amazing job. We all decided upon these mostly because they reminded us of elf stockings or Who stockings from the Grinch or something. And even better is the fact that the pattern is free and this is just striped as opposed to our second choice...

Are these not beautiful?! Tough decision. But the elf socks came out on top. Which is good because maybe I might get them all (5) done on time.

M has been talking about documentaries. I watched I Like Killing Flies yesterday. So good. You have to see it. It's about a guy who has owned a little hole in the wall restaurant for over 30 years with his wife where he makes amazing food, all homemade. And he's a character. It's great.

So I guess I have to wake up tomorrow... Doom.



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Documentaries Galore!

In our continued hunt for awesome documentaries, I searched the Internet this afternoon trying to find some good ones.  Unfortunately, every time I found a good one and looked it up on the library catalog, they either didn't have it or it was checked out! Ugh, how annoying.

So, Kitty Daddy and I went with my measly list of ones I knew they had and just decided to browse a bit.  We walked away with a good handful so overall it was a success.

Now it is time to catch you up on the ones we have watched.

First up is one from our last library visit that we just finished yesterday.
photo credit
We liked The Times of Harvey Milk.  However, the movie Milk with Sean Penn was so accurate and detailed, nothing in the documentary was really a surprise.
photo credit
I just finished Born Rich and I really enjoyed it.  It is produced by Jamie Johnson (of Johnson & Johnson), and in the film he interviews a handful of heirs/heiress about their money and lifestyle.  To me, it seemed like the most honest look into the lives of the young and privileged and what kinds of life decisions they are faced with.

Now for a couple that the library didn't have in but I really want to see.
photo credit

Grey Gardens is about two eccentric relatives of Jackie O' living in a dilapidated mansion out in the Hampton's I think.  Sounds super interesting.
photo credit
Restrepo is the story of a platoon over in Iraq fighting in one of the deadliest valleys. It's probably going to be really sad, but I still want to see it.

Anywho, I'll keep you guys updated as I watch more.