Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The beginning of the slipper sock

Meet the beginning of my lovely slipper socks. Not too shabby for my first stranded project if I do say so myself. All the knitters out on ravelry new to stranding caution everyone to watch their tension with stranded knitting because we newbies tend to make our floats too tight which isn't good. So I have been trying VERY hard to avoid this and I think I have been successful. 13 more rows till I can start my first chart!

Stranded knitting seemed so daunting to me, just like I guess everything new is. But it seriously is a breeze. Easy peasy. Another technique under my knitters belt to make me feel like a "real" knitter. Remember the socks? Ya another "real" knitter experience.

I haven't hit charts yet so I may change my tune a bit then. PS I almost really embarrassed myself and sent the designer a really dumb question, thankfully Tum (of all people) cleared up my confusion so I think I understand the whole pattern now. Sometimes (often) I make things way more difficult than they need to be.

A little buzz kill on this project though is the fact that our mum asked me if this project was the stockings. Shit. Somehow with the hype of buying this pattern and everything else going on, I totally forgot about the stockings. Whoops. So I think I may just break my cardinal rule and do 2 projects at once. I am someone who likes to do one thing, finish it, then move onto the next. I don't like to leave things unfinished. But my Mom seemed so bummed when I said this wasn't the stockings that I just think it may be necessary. So close to doing something just for me and not feeling guilty about it...so close!

O ya and if you'll notice I'm using cheap yarn again. Ya ya it's just cheap and I'm broke! Plus totally washable which is of the utmost importance to me. Lets be honest, feet get gross and I'm certainly not hand washing socks/slippers.

Nighty night,


PS: Track my progress and get the info about this pattern here on rav.

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