Wednesday, September 14, 2011

VW Bus wants/needs

I want one of these...

Why? I don't know. Well ya I guess I do, because they're so cool! I seriously love everything about the 60's and 70's, including VW buses. How cool would that be to drive around the U.S. in one of these bad boys. The camper versions are so cool with AV outlets, a sink, a fridge, tables, a pop up roof, and a seat that converts into a bed. Awesome. So instead of doing my paper that's due tomorrow, ahem, I've been searching for VW buses on ebay. This one is completely renovated and has a buy it now price of 16,000.

More expensive than I thought but I guess it probably takes alot a time, money and effort to get these looking so spiffy. So now I've got my Dad's gears rolling. Ya see our Daddio can build just about anything from a car to a motorcycle to a house. Now kids with parents like that are either one of two ways, either their parents raise them teaching them how to do all of the things they know how to do, or they do it all themselves because its easier and faster that way. Unfortunately we're the latter of the two. But I will say that they have ingrained in us not to buy things brand spankin' new because it's cheaper to buy it with some issues and make it what you want by yourself for cheaper than you would pay for something someone else has refurbished. Especially when it comes to houses. And it's sort of an adventure along the way and very rewarding in the end.

So long story short, Dad now wants to buy a VW bus and fix it up to look something like this spiffster. Of course that would be so fun and an adventure but that also requires mula. Wha wha whaaa. He had VW's growing up and he said they're really easy to work on but they have terrible emission issues so they're not environmentally friendly. So that kinda goes against my save the planet morals. Pros and Cons.

By the way, I wonder how comfy this seat/bed is...

Kinda just looks like a piece of foam to me. I'd try to put a mattress pad on that bad boy. I like to sleep comfy or else I'm a grouch.

Now I just need a one with nature/camping/hiking kinda boy to take adventures with...

Till next time,


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