Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slipper Socks!

I have found yet another pattern I am obsessed with...

Slipper Socks by Patons! Would these not be a fabulous Christmas gift? I actually have these in mind for my BFF. This is highly unusual that I have so many gift ideas for her. It's weird, for some people I have a million handmade gifts ideas for and others I am totally at a loss. Anyway, this year I have 3 handmade gift ideas for her! The lingo mitts, glittens, and now these slipper socks. I better get on it.

Happy September and I hope you enjoy your long weekend! So excited for our sibling holiday Monday!


Update: I read over this pattern to see if I understood it. So confusing. This nice lady charted the cables but you still have to figure out the bottom once you get to the foot. I get the sock shaping but the explanation of the cables is so confusing. Ugh. I still think I'll attempt it and seek help if necessary but I wish it was more clear. Should have known since it's from a yarn website, they usually are confusing.

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