Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy Bee

For me (R) it's been a fast and productive weekend. It's been filled with crafting and laundry. So I feel somewhat accomplished.

I finished these of course. And today I made lil-bro a snuggie. Yes a snuggie. A request by him which was a miracle. So many handmade gift requests this year, gotta love that.

So I went to Hancock yesterday since all fleece was 54% off (whaa!) and got some charcoal colored fleece for his snuggie and Daddio some Patriots fleece for the pj pants I plan on making him for xmas.

So today I embarked upon the snuggie project. And now I remember why I never sew, it is soooo tedious. Took me forever and I screwed up, twice, cutting. How can I screw up a snuggie? There are literally only three pieces. The arm holes were significantly bigger than the sleeves and the cuts for the arm holes were too close together. But with some finageling I got it all to work. And it's huge, fuzzy and warm, so much better than a store bought snuggie, I even sewed on a pocket for his phone/remote etc. I'll post pics when he opens it on xmas.

I also whipped out the serger. Years ago my lovely parents got me one for my bday and I LOVE it. However, it has barely been used due to the difficulty of threading a serger. Probably the hardest thing ever. Now I understand why my sewing teacher in HS would get so pissed when someone screwed up the serger.

So anyway, I was determined to use it because of how much that bad boy cost my parents and how much nicer it makes sewed garments. So I re-threaded it and presto! It worked! Alongside my Singer sewing machine that I've had since junior high (thanks again parents), my serger and I made a snuggie!

Two Christmas presents down 39547392048 to go,


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