Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sleep just isn't in the cards for me tonight...

Well here I am, 12:30 on a school night, tomorrow should be fun. I have two ailments this evening. The first being a burning in the stomach that I can't diagnose, heartburn? Indigestion? Acid Reflux? (pepto commercial much?) Who knows, but it's uncomfortable. Damn summer sausage. The second is major sinus pressure. My Mum has issues with this but I've never had a problem. Cold coming on? Ear infection? Allergies? Sinus headache?

So here I am unable to sleep. The good news is I just checked my email and our local yarn shop is having a labor day sale! 25% off all yarn and needles! Now I know what will be on the top of my list for our sibling holiday. So I will be spending the remainder of my evening (morning) making decisions about xmas gifts and yarn requirements so I can shop my butt off at the yarn shop!

The goal of this image was to depict me counting sheep. Ignore the fact that I'm not a male fetus... Just go with it. PS: speaking of fetus, found someones project page on ravelry that said the garment was made for "fetus." Love it.



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