Saturday, September 17, 2011


These are finally done.

Ya ya crappy iPhone pics, sue me. I'm not really happy with these but I can't really pinpoint why. I have been frustrated with knitting lately. After the slipper socks I have been just UGH in regards to knitting. I guess I just want to be a perfect knitter already (perfectionist issues 101). My purls are looser than my knits. I have to pay close attention to my tension. Etc. etc. I also think my frustration may lie with my use of cheap yarn. I probably need to stop being so cheap and get the good stuff, or at least better stuff. At least get myself some Cascade 220 or something.

I haven't added the button loops yet. I got frustrated, they'll come tomorrow. Right now this is a FO according to ravelry. The toggles are gifted from our Aunt. She got a bunch (tons!) of buttons in an auction and let us pick what we wanted when we went to Maine. We came home with a bunch of goodies, these included. Thanks Aunt Cindy!

Btw remember these? The Lingo's? Ya still haven't done them. Maybe it's due to the fact that they're small needles, stranded, and small yarn. Yep that probably sums it up. I'm a little intimidated. But I really want to move on to another challenge. So I guess those are next, especially considering I bought the pattern, it seems wrong that I haven't made them yet.

So anyway, back to the glittens, if you are interested in making them they are a free pattern (thanks!) and can be accessed here. I did make a few mods that you can check out on ravelry.

Happy Knitting folks,


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