Sunday, September 11, 2011

Documentaries Galore!

In our continued hunt for awesome documentaries, I searched the Internet this afternoon trying to find some good ones.  Unfortunately, every time I found a good one and looked it up on the library catalog, they either didn't have it or it was checked out! Ugh, how annoying.

So, Kitty Daddy and I went with my measly list of ones I knew they had and just decided to browse a bit.  We walked away with a good handful so overall it was a success.

Now it is time to catch you up on the ones we have watched.

First up is one from our last library visit that we just finished yesterday.
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We liked The Times of Harvey Milk.  However, the movie Milk with Sean Penn was so accurate and detailed, nothing in the documentary was really a surprise.
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I just finished Born Rich and I really enjoyed it.  It is produced by Jamie Johnson (of Johnson & Johnson), and in the film he interviews a handful of heirs/heiress about their money and lifestyle.  To me, it seemed like the most honest look into the lives of the young and privileged and what kinds of life decisions they are faced with.

Now for a couple that the library didn't have in but I really want to see.
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Grey Gardens is about two eccentric relatives of Jackie O' living in a dilapidated mansion out in the Hampton's I think.  Sounds super interesting.
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Restrepo is the story of a platoon over in Iraq fighting in one of the deadliest valleys. It's probably going to be really sad, but I still want to see it.

Anywho, I'll keep you guys updated as I watch more.

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