Sunday, September 4, 2011

And so the fun begins

I have officially started the slipper sock pattern. Wish me luck. I think I at least have it conceptualized at this point as to how it all works out.

One cuff is completed as you can see. The pic sucks but the color is a light cream. I went to Joann's with a whole list and only walked out with 3 skeins of lion brand worsted in fisherman and nothing else. That's always happens, I was already bummed because I was cheaping out and going to Joann's, but then I made myself extra cheap and only bought yarn for one project. Ugh.

I also thought I had size 7 dpns at home. Nope. Which sucked because I needed 7's for everything except the cuff of the sock. Ugh. So I dragged myself back out and went to Hancock down the road to get some dpns there. They only had size 1-4. What? Ya thats what I said, except insert a shit in there. So then I picked up Lyd and dragged both of our butts to Hobby Lobby, once again no dice, they only had plastic which I am not fond of. I did get my slipper soles though. So finally we just went to our local yarn shop and I grabbed a pair there that I don't think I'll like as much as my clover's ironically but whatevs, at least I can do my project now and they're bamboo.

By the way, while we were there a girl walked in and a lady working there asked her if she needed any help and the girl says "Umm ya. I don't know how to knit or anything." Lady: "Umm ok do you have a project?" Girl: "No I don't know anything I just saw you were having a sale." Lady: "Ahh ok well you should probably start with a scarf, Umm..." This convo was way more awkward than the typed out version.

Happy Knitting,



Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Notice the claws, and when I say claws I'm referring to the 2 on his left front paw. Such a goober. Ya see I was over Lyd's and her and B fell asleep so I started taking pics. Love you Mr. B!, Love your Auntie Rizzy

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