Sunday, September 11, 2011


I love presents. Mostly I love to give them but I do love to get them too. Our Dad came home from Maine with our version of a pot of gold today.

Yarn gold. These are just two skeins of MANY that he came home with for Lyddy and I. Remember how we went to the alpaca farm when we were in Maine? He went back to it and got us some.

PS: This yarn is not dyed! That is the actual color of the alpaca it came from! So cool. Ya know whats even cooler? Their version of a dye lot is a particular alpaca. Year after year you will get the same exact color from the same alpaca. Amazing.

Our Dad knew that M and I would never spend that much money on yarn so he took it upon himself to buy it for us. With one condition, we only use it to knit for ourselves. This may seem easy to some, to us not so much. My first thought was to make our Dad a hat out of the gray. Nope. He won't let us. Really sweet. I'm so excited! I still have yet to knit anything for myself. I mentioned this in an earlier post a month or so ago but it still hasn't happened. Apparently he's taken it upon himself to make this happen. Now the hard part is what to knit...

In other knitting news. I frogged these. Ugh is right. But I am making these instead and BFF actually asked for these last year so I figure it all worked out better anyway. And less frustration. I'm going to stay away from cables for a while.

Also in knitting news. Since I now have slipper soles that fit lil sis perfectly I am going to make her some slipper socks! I'm thinking this pattern. However there are a couple issues here. One I'm not totally sold on the fact that she likes the pattern. She said she did but idk I know her too well and she didn't seem to enthusiastic. Two, I'm not sure that she will really want them. Ya see M is tough. Her answer is idk to everything. "Idk what I want, idk what I like, Riz you just pick for me." And that's how its been for our entire lives. I basically tell her what she wants. So every year ya I get her great gifts and ya I tell Mom and Dad what amazing things to get her but its always coming from me and not her. I am trying to ween us off this cycle. Because ya its nice she trusts me with all decisions in regards to her but that doesn't mean its right. This year (for xmas) I want her to get what she wants, not my version of what she wants. I have been trying so hard to really think about what Lyd likes and get her those things and not what I want through her. If that makes sense. Its tough though because she doesn't tell you, you really just have to figure it out on your own. So ya I love this pattern but we are two different people and just because I love it doesn't mean she does or has to. Because Lyd you are your own person to and your entitled to your own opinion and likes/dislikes and that's OK if we're different and if you pick stuff out on your own without your big sis. Its OK, your just as good at it as I am you just don't give yourself a chance. Love ya girl as always.


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