Monday, September 5, 2011

No Impact Man

So our sibling holiday is still underway. We started this day with No. 1 China Buffet, because that's what the cool kids do on Labor Day. Then we went out to blockbuster and rented the documentary "No Impact Man." This documentary was filmed about a guy in New York who lives with his wife and young daughter and decides to live a year with the goal of having less of an impact on the environment. This documentary was fascinating and so inspiring. I can't wait to read his book!

Needless to say after we watched this doc. we were hooked and wanted to watch a bunch more. So long story short we signed up for Netflix. And about an hour later we still aren't watching any. Well actually J is and I'm not. He's watching some war one and that kinda stuff gives me nightmares. PS Netflix gives you a one month free trial and after that its unlimited streaming for 7.99 + tax. Not bad right? We'll see how we like it.


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