Saturday, August 20, 2011

And We're Back

I'll start with our flight to Maine. As M mentioned it was horrible. We had a teensy plane for our flight to Wash. Dullus (only 3 seats in a row) and it wasn't well air conditioned. Add this along with horrific turbulence for the last 30-45 min. and Riz and M were doing breathing exercises. We were totally freaked out and we kept loosing all views out the window due to the clouds we were flying in. So Riz threw up. Not my proudest day. So embarrassing. Have you ever even seen anyone throw up on a plane and actually use those tiny barf bags? Me neither. And since airlines are cutting costs, they only have one barf bag per row. Ya. Thank goodness Mel held it together.

So while Riz was throwing up in her bag M got hit with cramps and Aunt Flow. Nightmare. Needless to say she ran off the flight as I handed my filled barf bag to the stewardess. Thanks!

We later reconvened in the bathroom. No shame. We had basically no layover. Just enough time to get some Dramamine and Advil, use the toilet and get on our next flight.

And of course another tiny plane. Thankfully we got the row that separates 1st class from the rest of the plane so we had lots of room. I thought we would be better. Nope. Lyd was throwing up in her mouth on the ascent and reaching for our once again only barf bag on the descent. Lyd however doesn't have the ability that I apparenty have to barf daintily. O no she was croaking and making those horrific gagging sounds. And she couldn't stop.

The worst part is that no one helped us on either flight! Can you believe that? No one around us or even the stewardess'. When mel was tossing her cookies on the 2nd flight the second we landed I jumped up to get her some napkins. And the steward looked at me like I had 10 heads. I'm like umm get your ass out of your seat and get me some napkins for my poor sister! Good god I was furious. These people.

Finally as we were taxing to our gate he comes over to us and I'm like okay he's going to ask if shes alright , ya know what he says? "Did it get anywhere?" O my god I could have killed someone. No sir, your precious plane is spotless and o ya don't worry my sister is OK.

So needless to say we looked like hell. We were both pale as ghosts and M had bruises under her eyes. What a wonderful welcoming to our grandparents.

So that was our insane plane experience the way there. What a way to start off a vacation right? Thankfully it got better.

Camden, ME:

Camden, ME from the top of Mt. Battie:

Rockland, ME:

Camden Snow Bowl:

Camden Cone:

Cappy's, Camden, ME:

Jealous right? I love Maine. I'm really considering living there.

All the food was delish. Here are the places we went:

Cappy's Bakery, Camden ME = best croissants I have ever eaten. I used to walk down to the bakery at 5 in the morning with my Dad when I was little when my grandparents used to live in Camden.
Camden Cone, Camden ME = One of my favorite ice cream places. Martha Stewart goes there too.
Blackraspberry ice cream with chocolate jimmies (east coast term for sprinkles) in a waffle cone.
Dormans Ice Cream, Thomaston ME = I hadn't gone there in years. Best ice cream since Miss Plums (another ice cream place in ME that was shut down for some reason that had the best ice cream ever). Blackraspberry with chocolate jimmies in a waffle cone. Heaven
Wasses Hot Dogs, Rockland ME = best hot dogs ever. Just a little trailer thing and all they do is hot dogs. Steamed buns with hot dogs cooked in peanut oil with multitudes of toppings. Need I say more? We ate there 3 times in 7 days. And dirt cheap.
The Brass Compass, Rockland ME = Delish breakfast. Huge portions. The owner was on showdown with bobby flay. Homemade bread.
Come Spring Cafe, Union ME = Best breakfast in a little Maine diner full of locals. Homemade bread and english muffins. Yum. Cheap!
Moody's Diner, Waldoboro ME = The first time my Grandma went to Moody's was when she was 4 and the first time my Grandpa had been was in his teens. How cool is that? Once again delish and dirt cheap. The daughter of the original owners was still waitressing, she must have been in her 70's. We go for breakfast.
The Helm, Rockport ME = We have been going here since we were little. Great salad bar and the Maine essentials. I had clam chowder and fried Maine shrimp. Delish fresh baked bread.
The Waterfront Restaurant, Camden ME = One of my all time favorite restaurants. The best clam chowder I have ever had. We have also been coming here for years. I have many favorites on the menu. I normally get the clam chowder and roasted pear and walnut salad. Best salad ever.
Le Garage, Wiscasset ME = On the harbor in Wiscasset. Pretty place. Food was OK. My grandparents love their crepes. I don't eat crepes myself.
Athens Pizza, Thomaston ME = Just a little pizza place in downtown Thomaston. However, pizza is delish. They don't know how to do pizza out in the Midwest. We were used to having plenty of options for great pizza growing up in MA. They know how to do pizza on the east coast.
Chez Michel, Lincolnville ME = Another one of my all time favorite restaurants. Here's what I get: Haddock Oscar with croquets and a salad with bleu cheese. Homemade bread. Yum.
Youngstown Inn, Lincolnville ME = The best meal I have ever eaten. Beautiful Inn up on a hill run by a husband and wife, the husband is a french chef. O my. I cant even explain the goodness of this meal. Of course it's expensive, but so worth it. My grandparents have been going there for 20 years. We walked in and were greeted by the owner (wife) and she was like O my gosh I haven't seen you two in years since you were little! Gotta love that. She treated my grandparents like they were old friends which I guess they technically are. I got the filet mignon and M got chicken. We practically licked our plates. We had cheesecakes for dessert. Heaven.

You have to go to Maine if you haven't, it's the best place ever.


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