Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leavin' on a jet plane!

It's official we are leaving in 7 hours for the airport! Woo Hoo! Unfortunately the forcast isn't looking great but I bought some yarn and got plenty of books so even if we are stuck in side for some of our vaca it'll be ok!

The grandparents are so excited for our arrival. So cute. Gotta love Grammie and Grampy.

Guess I should go to bed now huh? I told Lyddy to pack light but I am having trouble myself. It's so hard to make outfit decisions ahead of time. At least it is for me. Sometimes I like an outfit and other times I don't. Ugh. The hardest part is trying to pack for different weather when you have been living in scorching heat (as in 100 degrees) for months. I can't even remember what pants look like ;) And I don't want to either, I hate jeans. I really only have one pair that I wear no joke.

I tried to explain this to my Mum today and she just wasn't having it. So I thought about it and was like she's right how do I only have one pair of jeans? O ya. I wear sweats and leggings to school and dress pants and skirts to work in the fall/winter so there really isn't a need for jeans. Works for me because I hate them, so constricting. Lyddy agrees but the rest of the world doesn't seem to. O well.

I charged up the camera so there will be plenty of picture taking so brace yourself for the ample pics I'm sure sis and I will be taking.

Hooray for Maine, the most beautiful place ever,



PS: Obviously I made it through my last summer school class alive. It was brutal. I was the first one to hand in my test, does that tell you anything? I was like peace out guys its been real.

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