Tuesday, August 2, 2011

F Headaches and F School

Can I just say for a minute how difficult it is to do something with a headache? I have always kind of written off headaches. I kind of deemed them the "common cold" but after these past 2 weeks and what I experienced last semester I realize how debilitating they really are.

I have been tyring to get the rest of my school work done so I can just get my butt on that plane. But these headaches just have me at a stand still. Every time I try to write a paper or even look at my computer I get these headaches that are so bad they even hurt my teeth. Then I get this lower neck pain. It's horrible. Completely debilitating. You can't think, you can't focus and all you can think of is that I just want to close my eyes, shut off these lights, shut off the computer and rest.

But no, I have a draft of a paper that was really due Monday if we want to get technical. I have a paper and a test due in my other class by Monday. And I have another test on Monday. All of which are hard and time consuming. How am I going to get through this and still pass these classes decently?

Why did I go to college again? O ya because I really didn't have a choice if I want to do anything other than pump gas for the rest of my life. O ya but add in the fact that 40% of us graduating won't even have jobs? And that a masters is basically now mandatory. So not only are you telling me that all of this was for nothing and I'll still end up working at a tanning salon with a college education and that I will have to go to MORE school in order to amount to anything?

F my life.


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