Monday, August 8, 2011

Super Senior

Well it's official, after today I will be a super senior. I guess it makes up for graduating early from high school. These will be my last classes, the last books I have to buy, the last parking pass I have to buy, and the list goes on.

O ya and I'm posting at 7 AM becuase I HAVEN'T GONE TO SLEEP YET. Remember that paper I have been bitching about? Well Rizzo left it until 9PM the day before it's due. Yep, indeedle I did. So I just printed my paper (14 pages later) and I have to say I'm pretty proud of it. I actually think I might do well. Huh, who woulda thunk. Now I'll probably jinx myself.

So anyway, after I printed my paper I decided it would be a wonderful idea to cook myself a gourmet breakfast to try to get me through this day. So I cooked up a scrumptious (if I do say so myself) breakfast burrito. 2 scrambled eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, 1 slice of white American cheese, all wrapped up in a wrap, chum chum.

So now begins the studying for the ridiculous test I am about to take at 4 PM tonight. Joy. I can't decide which I despise more, tests or papers. Tough call.

O well I should just be thankful that somehow the stars aligned and I didn't have any castastrophe's tonight considering how last minute I left everything.

Wish me luck on my test. Poor Lyddy has a rough couple days ahead as well. She decided to ax the sweater and make a baby hat instead (much faster), I haven't talked to her since she left tonight so I hope it worked out for her. She's a nice one she is making fetus clothing for her ABM that's leaving. And she's making a homemade goodie to bring to work as well!

So Lyd, lets begin our countdown ... We're leavin on a jet plane!

1 more day between us and Maine. Can't wait,


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