Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday Mania

Gotta love a Monday that just makes you want to crawl under a rock until it's friday again.  And today wasn't any better.

The sweater didn't work out, my stitch count got off at one point so the pattern got messed up, bummer.  Then I was just so tired last night my plan b wasn't going to happen either.  So I just settled for the red velvet sandwiches I made. Forgot pictures, my bad!

Now all I have left is to get ready to go out of town. Cleaning and packing what's up!
In the mean time, can we talk about how much I am going to miss my kitties while I am gone!! And I swear they know I'm leaving cause they both have been such cuddle bugs.  This is not unusual for B, G however is a strong independent woman and doesn't always want to snuggle her momma, but check out this pic I just snapped of her wedged between me and my knitting bag, precious.

An B, need I say more.  He legit sits like this for 10 minutes, just staring.  Melt. My. Heart.

Gotta love that Kitty Daddy accepts my obsession with these little babies.  Case in point, this little scenario from the other day.

I'll give you a little backgroung info, we were trying to get skype to work on his MacBook so we can see each other while I'm gone.  Something was wrong with his camera so we had to give up.  The next night he mentions that he is going to go to the Apple store when I leave so they can fix his whole camera situation so we can skype, then this convo happened.

KD: I'm going to go to the Apple store so they can fix my camera so skyp will work.  That way you can see
       B cause I know that's who you really want to skype.
M: Oh stop it, you know I want to see you.....holding B.

Love it!

P.S. My babies...

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