Friday, August 5, 2011

New Project Idea

Today I was perusing the latest blog posts of my favs and came upon A CUP OF JO's post.

She featured a couple of pillows from this online store called catstudio.

These are the coolest. Come to find out they are all hand embroidered! Which got me thinking... if they can make them why can't I?

I'd love to make Grammie my own rendition of this Maine pillow. This is totally something she would love. I would tweak it to more suit our own families memories and favorite locations in Maine. I am getting so excited even thinking about it.

The only problem is... I don't know how to embroider. Kinda an issue right considering the whole thing is embroidered. However, I did watch my ex's Mom embroider a hat once and it came out amazing and she gave me a basic tutorial. Doesn't look too hard right?

Gosh my problem is always that I have too many ideas for people for Christmas. Is that normal? I don't think so, I think people normally have the opposite problem.

Ta Ta for now,


PS: In case you were wondering, I ripped this out. It just wasn't working out.

And I started this hat but I will probably rip that out too. Or try to teach myself how to do the magic loop method because I was trying to wing it on dpns, ya no not working out.

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