Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lets be happy

Today has been a pretty negative day for me. I try not to be a negative nancy but sometimes I do become a dweller and get really down. So after writing yet another dreary post (haven't posted yet, may not) I was like ya know what? I need to turn that frown upside down and post about what makes me happy.

1. Spending QT with my dog child. It's no secret that I love my dog to death so spending time with just her is probably the thing that makes me the most happy.

2. Having a good laugh with the whole fam. When everyone (including you lil bro) is all together laughing our asses off usually at something stupid one of us did or said or impersonated one of the others doing. That's always one thing our family never fails to do, make each other laugh.

3. Being outside. Not just outside but really feeling like you're in the middle of nature marveling at something or just breathing in the fresh air and soaking up some rays. Hiking in Maine is what comes to mind, specifically where the end destination is the ocean.

4. That brings me to the next thing on this list, being at the ocean. It just feels right, like you are on the edge of the earth or something. You know what I mean, like at sunset when you're in shorts and a sweatshirt and the suns going down. So peaceful, just hearing the seagulls and the waves with the sun warmed sand under your toes.

My sister mentioned in an earlier post that one of her favorite memories is the vacation we went on where we rented a beach house for a week. That is also one of my favorites, along with the rest of my family. One of my favorite memories is walking down to the harbor in Maine at 5 in the morning with my Dad when it was still foggy and the sun hadn't fully come up yet. We would walk downtown and get a famous croissant and coffee and hot chocolate and watch all of the boats go out or get ready for sail.

Here are some future ones that I hope to have someday.

1. Sitting in my OWN house/apartment with all of my OWN things, someplace to call just my own. With my cup of tea in front of me with the window open, a good book in hand, and my Lucy Lou at my side.

2. Waking up early in the morning to hike a mountain or trails or walk the beach. I NEED to live somewhere with a view and an easily attainable (meaning down the street) outdoor adventure. I just think it truly makes me feel alive and at peace when I am out in nature.

Here's to being happy, lets try it out more often,


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