Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Riding Hood

Me and the fam just watched Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried from Dear John.

I liked it. It wasn't as cheese-tastic as I was expecting. There was some bad acting going on though. And I was surprised because I recognized the majority of the cast. Except of course for this guy...

Umm Hellooo hottie patottie! I'll have me some of that thanks. Two words, Shiloh Fernandez, where have you been all my life?

So anyway this male specimen's hottness kind of made the movie for me.

Add him to my Hollywood hotties list will ya? O ya and along with this guy, idk how I forgot about him...

Hell yes people, that's pecks, I mean becks. Ahem.

O ya, check out Red Riding Hood. It's based on the fairy tale slightly with an interesting twist. I didn't predict the end for once (normally this is a skill of mine). Not at all a thriller though like it is advertised.

Lata gata's,


PS: What I am loving today =
1. The first Java chip frap via Starbucks no whip no drizzle, of the summer.
2. Pool day with the fam and nobody else at the pool all day!
3. Deli free samples, thanks Kroger.
4. Lyddy and I making plans for our Etsy store!
5. More Goodwill finds! Posts to come.

What I am not loving today =
1. Being woken up at 10:00 am by Kitty.
1. My bodies rejection of my first java chip frap of the summer.
2. Sunburns as a result of the entire day spent at the pool, even with ample coatings of sunblock. O ya and the resulting eye burn and uncomfort.
3. Splitting an ENTIRE block of expensive Gouda cheese with Kitty the second we got home from the grocery store.
4. How expensive Schlack is.
5. All the kitty cats at petco waiting to be adopted and the guilt trip the lady cleaning their crates tried to give us. F you lady, we currently have our own canine circus, and my dog tries to eat grown males, and she's 4 lbs, imagine what she would do to a cat. Ya, just ask poor B.
6. J coming home from being away for a couple of days, going straight into the fridge and pouring himself a glass of my Simply Lemonade. Kitty's list shouldn't have been called a grocery list, it should have been called "J's list." She bought everything for that twerp including squeezits galore, his favorite pretzels, and arnie palmer drink mixes just to name a few. So what does he do? Opens the fridge and pours himself a big honking glass of the only thing that was bought for me in mind, my Simply Lemonade, that I already have to beg Kitty for due to its expense. Figures.
7. Not starting any of the shit I have due Monday and Sunday night.
8. Trying to make this list shorter than the other, and failing.

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