Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sock Boss

It's my first sock! Hooray! I can't even contain my happiness in regards to this little piece of clothing. Another knitting skill under my belt! It came out perfect too if I do say so myself. Actually I screwed up the kitchener stitch at the end so that doesn't look so perfect but O well, this was my first go.

Sorry the pic sucks, I used some crappy acrylic in my stash so it's kinda hard to see, along with iPhone quality at night.

PS sock knitting is not hard at all, not in the slightest. I actually really enjoyed it. I am having second sock-itis at the moment, I am still plowing through it though. I am halfway through the heel flap on sock #2.

This is the link where you can buy the pattern and access the free instructional videos. I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone ready to tackle socks, I shouldn't even use the word tackle, it was totally doable and dare I say easy? I'll update you on the "easy" factor when I actually get to a sock pattern without instructional videos, using sock weight yarn, and teensy tiny needles. Freaks me out even thinking about it.

I am anxious to finish up sock #2 and mitten #2 so I can move on to new things! I have a pattern ready for my next birthday knitting project and went to Joann's today to get necessary supplies. One more set of DPNs! I don't know why this makes me so excited but it does, I can't wait to have a complete set! Those bad boys are 9$! Would somebody please pick my sister up off the floor, she probably just fainted.

I am happy to report that I can cross off a few things on my summer goal list. Birthday knitting, loosening up my tension and sock knitting! Next up, magic loop method and the last of my birthday knitting.


PS: What I am loving today =

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