Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It All Ends Here

As my big sis already told you, we got our tickets.  Holy smokes people, I can't believe this is it.  It hadn't really hit me until I started typing this post that this was the end.  The Harry Potter phenomenon has been such a huge part of our childhood/ young adulthood that the idea that it is over is extremely sad.  I totally agree with Riz that J.K. Rowling is responsible for our love of reading.  Her books are such an incredible inspiration and a constant challenge to use your imagination and creativity at any age.  The world she created through her books and then the films has become so second nature to us.  I am so upset that tomorrow night we will be saying goodbye to all of those adventures we got to live out through the books. 

No more Hogwarts, no Platform 9 3/4, no Dobby, no trio of best friends,  and no hysterical twin older brothers.

No mother will ever be as endearing as Mrs. Weasley.
No teacher will ever be as stern yet kind hearted as Professor McGonagall
No antagonist will ever be as menacing as Voldemort.
No character will ever be as extraordinary as Dumbledore.
And no protagonist will ever be as legendary as Harry Potter.

So this is an ode to Harry Potter I guess.  I can only hope that it will be as magical and important to my kids as it was to me.

And thank you kitty, for standing in line at all hours of the night spending double the money on these books (they weren't cheap when they first came out), just so both my sister and I could read them together at the same time right when they came out.

Au revoir Harry Potter.  You will be missed.


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