Friday, July 29, 2011

Wisdom Teeth

Ya I guess lil sis and I are pretty b o r i n g this week. I have not been feeling well. However, this comes over me sometimes randomly. I feel nauseous, can't sleep, can't eat for about a week straight. One bad time 2 weeks straight. My friend thats a nurse said it's probably ulcers. It's about high time I probably got it checked out huh. It's just weird because I can't really attribute it to anything other than stress. Maybe that's all it takes though.

Anywho, lil bro will be getting his wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow! We were thoroughly freaking him out I think. Then Kitty reminded us about the last time he was put under when he got his tonsils and adenoids taken out. He wouldn't wake up for 5 hours! I would be shitting myself if I was cat and tum. Then when he finally woke up he threw up everywhere and couldn't stop so ended up being in the hospital for 3 days! So hopefully the anesthesia doesn't affect him so drastically this time around.

However lets recall how it affected Lyddy. When we got our wisdom teeth taken out (of course together) Lyddy was blowin chunks in the parking lot before we even got in the car! I was trying to hold it together and take care of her in the back seat on the way home and hold the bag for her without throwing up myself. I made it to the house, or shall we say the lawn. It was a cluster to say the least. How Kitty thought she could handle both of us by herself is beyond me, then she had to go to work! So she went and picked up my BFF who took care of us for the rest of the day.

O ya and we couldn't eat real food f o r e v e r. Like months no joke. One of my friends boyfriends at the time came over and was eating a cheeseburger and it was days after he got his done. I couldn't even eat a carrot months later. Hell I tell you.

Let's hope J has a better experience. I think Kitty has at least learned her lesson because we are both going for the whole time and are both taking care of him once he gets home. Then Lyddy and Tum will be getting home shortly after to help out as well. So he will have a herd of helpers. Only the best for lil J.

The only request he had was that he not be parked on the downstairs couch because we watch "weird" TV shows. I'm like dude you won't even know who you are, nevermind worrying about whats on TV or which couch you're on. He'll find out soon enough.

Anyways that's the excitement for this week. As lil sis mentioned summer school is almost over! Hooray! I have one test and one paper left in each class and we are officially done the 8th! But boy that summer seriously flew by. Life is flying by in general. You always wish for something in the future then regret it because you wonder where all that time went in between.

Once summer school ends, begins the countdown till graduation baby. Bring it on.



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