Friday, July 8, 2011

Not So Subtle

Ok, I won't be subtle this time lil sister.

I have been watching verypink's tutorials and technique videos. Great information! I wish I had watched these before I got into serious (my definition) projects, very helpful info. Probably all info we would have learned if we would have attended classes, but seeming as lil sis and I can be cheapys (or have to be for that matter, actually truthfully the classes at our local yarn shop are only 10$! compared to Joann's 50$! and I'm sure are great, so check into your local yarn shops just FYI) and due to lack of time, we have always taught ourselves via online videos. However, with this method you miss ALOT of basic stuff, such as the best way to weave your ends in, differences in yarn weights, and needle sizes/types etc.

So anyway, I just watched the needle characteristics video via and learned some very useful tips! Go watch it after you read this post, but I'll give you the basics of what I learned. Basically the 2 best types of needles are bamboo (which I LOVE) and nickel plated brass. The bamboo are best for double pointed needles because your stitches won't slip off while you are working on the other needles, but they are still slick enough so its not difficult to slip them off. Nickel plated brass apparently is slippery so that your stitches can slip off very easily and therefore you can work faster and they are the good (expensive) needles so they typically have a pointier tip which also allows you to knit faster.

Another thing she pointed out (duh) is the fact that you can use circulars for all types of knitting. Knitting straight and knitting in the round, magic loop and in a tube.

Sooo long story short Lyddy, all you would have to get me are a set of Addi Turbo's (clicks) with all the needle sizes with the 4 different cable sizes and that's all I would need. I should probably ask for the nickel plated brass because they're the best, even though I'm scared of them (I love the friction of bamboo), however they do still have them in bamboo. I should also probably get used to knitting with circulars before I ask for these. And you and kitty will probably have to go in on these bad boys together.

It just seems like every project I have to go out and buy a new set of needles because I don't have the correct size. But Staci (verypink) made the point that buying the good stuff (addi turbo's) allows you to actually save money because they are so versatile.

Can I make the point that she didn't mention plastic needles? Which I actually don't mind. We have the ones from hobby lobby that are cheap and sturdy with cute swirlys in them, I wouldn't suggest them for dpns because they're too slippery, but for straights they're fine.

The End.



Also on my xmas list (I'm even making you a convenient label so when the time comes you can just simply sort the posts by label, I am so thoughtful):

Yarn ball winder
Rain Boots
Clover Dpns

FYI I am notorious for having a list a mile long and starting it in July while lil sis can never even think of one thing she wants. It's ok though I pick out all of her xmas gifts. Usually matching outfits and nice things, because otherwise she would do neither. What would you do without me Lyd? I just don't know. However, I also don't know what I would do without you either, you bring me back down to earth.

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