Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's Cookin' Good Lookin' Wednesday

Wednesday is here again people! This summer is fllyyiinngg by and I am not happy about it!

My recipe for today isn't really a recipe it is more of a meal idea.  I haven't been putting to much effort into meals lately.  When it's hovering around 100 degrees outside, the last place I want to be is in a hot kitchen.  So this week I want to share a quick meal that has been my go to this past week.

Spicy Chick'n Boca Patties+Baked Potato+Corn on the Cobb

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These things are delish! Not to spicy but it has a bit of heat.  I cook them in the oven, 6 minutes on each side.  In my opinion the oven makes the outside crispier which is a must in my book.  Kitty daddy, the typical guy, is totally down to throw his in the microwave for a couple minutes, slather some ketchup on it, and call it a day.  Ga-ross.

So I just cook 'em up real quick and throw them on some hamburger buns.  In the mean time, I cook two potatoes in the micro for like 10 minutes, mash them up with some butter, and put some seasoning on them.  Sometimes I'll throw some broccoli on there too, yum!

This week I have been using corn on the cob too since our Dad hooked me up with some from the farmers market we hit up this past Saturday.  Sooo good!  And while Kitty Daddy has no preference on how his Chick'n patties are prepared, he would prefer to not have his corn on the cob cause it "gets in his teeth and is just annoying".  So the little Susie Homemaker I am, last night I cut his corn off the cob for him. (Yes I am aware I should just tattoo "enabler" on my forehead)

So super quick, easy, and yummy! Perfect for when you get home late and the last thing you want to do is sit in the kitchen for an hour making something.

I would really suggest that anyone who is looking into vegetarian recipes/diets, look into everything Boca has to offer.  I haven't come across anything I didn't like so far, and that's saying something cause as our Cat says I'm a "finicky kitty".


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