Monday, July 11, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I'm not sure if we have mentioned this yet, but my sister and I worked at a local garden shop one summer a couple years ago.  Personally, I loved it and I was bit by the gardening bug.  Living in an apartment, I do not have the luxury of a nice backyard where I can have a huge garden.  Instead, I am stuck with window boxes on a balcony.  But last summer, I decided to try to make things grow.

I cannot tell you the sense of pride and accomplishment gardening gives you.  When your first little batch of seeds sprouts, you'll be hooked because your efforts and care created life.  It is truly the best feeling.
some baby pea shoots

Currently, I am growing lettuce and basil, along with a spider plant I have had for a few years.  With this heat we're having the lettuce is looking a little sad but it's chugging along.
my sad lettuce

spider plant and basil
What I would really like to share with you guys is a very special person whose garden makes me green with envy.  Alys Fowler is a british gardener who has a show on BBC called The Edible Garden.  This show documents a summer in which she decided to turn her entire back garden into an edible garden that is beautiful at the same time. 
photo credit

Oh my goodness people, I am literally obsessed with it.  I have only seen the first 3 episodes because that is all I can find online.  I have searched and searched for the whole season, but have come up empty handed.  If anyone from England is reading this and knows how I can get my hands on a DVD or something, please help a sista out!!

My big sis is the best and bought me both of Alys' books.  I have read them cover to cover and they are incredible. I can't even put into words how obsessed I am with this women.  For a while there I was going to sleep watching my 3 episodes every night.  I would give anything to meet her and tell her how awesome she is!
photo credit
photo credit
Check this lady out, she is amazing! Gotta love BBC shows, wish we got more of them over here.

PS. I know my big sis is going through some stuff right now, but as I am sure you have been able to tell by now, she is amazing at everything she does and will go on to do great things in the future.  She is the best big sister that anyone could ever ask for.  She takes care of us all like a pro and is always there for me, even when I don't think I need anything.  Riz, don't worry so much, whatever you decide I am behind you 110%.  I know you'll make the right choices for you and you will be so successful and happy!  I love you Rizzy, <3 your lil sis

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