Monday, July 18, 2011

I love our blog

Can I seriously say how proud I am of myself and my sister for doing something we have always wanted to do? We always came up with excuses galore as to why we should hold off. Not enough time. Nothing to talk about. Blah Blah. But we did it! And this is post #112!

Eventhough it's "just a blog" it seemed so daunting to us at the time. Just like our Etsy store! But we're working on it! We actually have so many ideas and I know we just need to bite the bullet and give it a go.

I know this may sound weird but it gives you confidence. Now that we have finally done something we wanted to do and enjoy it, it just makes me feel like we can really make our dreams come true and that we are the only ones standing in our way.

Congrats Lyddy! Our little slice of the world wide web is amazing and I absolutely love it. I am so proud of you and us and there isn't anyone else in the world I would want to have done this with. Love ya girl, you're the best.


PS: Lyd tried on my high waisted short creations today, they look steller on her. Not even kidding. She has long thin legs, she looked amazing. I don't want to shove them on her because eventhough I like them, it doesn't mean she has to. But seriously they look amazing on her.

PSS: Fun Fact: Our banner at the top of the beach scene under "Give it a go" is actually a picture taken by Lyddy in Maine. Seriously that place is amazing. If you haven't been you must go. Our Grammie was telling me today about the garden show she just went on and the first house they went to was a lavender farm. She said it was hills and hills of different varieties of lavender and when the wind would blow they would all sway and you would smell all of the lavender. She said it was like heaven. And she said they had an old barn that had rows and rows of bundles of lavender drying. Seriously Maine is like heaven. Ya look over the lavender hills to the ocean and mountains, thats my paradise.

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