Thursday, July 7, 2011

Knitting Tutorials

I thought I would share some more knitting tips and tricks for you.

Verypinkknits has tutorials on youtube and that are a m a z i n g. Great video quality and she explains everything very clearly. I was considering buying her pattern for socks so I can get sock knitting under my belt with her amazing videos to go with!

I have been researching magic loop knitting and have been watching her videos. The coolest thing I found was knitting two socks at once with circular needles! That tutorial via verypinkknits can be found here. I have read comments on ravelry saying that people knit mittens or sock pairs at the same time but didn't know how this was accomplished. Apparently this is how you do it! I think there is also a way to do this on dpns, I'm still searching for that video.

Also, there are apparently circulars that have interchangeable cords, verypinkknits says she uses Addi Turbo's. These are fancy. Could someone also mention to my sister, if Rizzy had a xmas wishlist it would include a set of these bad boys in bamboo with the different cord sizes and needle sizes? Found here and here. Thanks.

I am going to go attempt the magic loop method, wish me luck.

Happy knitting!


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