Sunday, July 17, 2011

BBC Wins Again

Let's talk James Wong people!

Once again, BBC has a gold mine and that mine is called Grow Your Own Drugs.  Now before you get the wrong idea, when they say drugs they are talking about medicine. James Wong (the host) shows you how you can make all natural remedies to everyday aliments ranging from acne to upset stomachs. It is awesome people.  I haven't attempted anything on my own but I plan on it in the near future.
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For anyone who has seen the show, you'll know what I mean when I say James Wong's kitchen is amazing! Kitty Daddy and I agree that one day we'll have a kitchen just like his one day.

This show is totally up our alley. Making things from what you find around you. Lurv it!  Not to mention it's all natural and often a lot cheaper to make your own remedies at home!

The only downside of these shows is they make me hate my current situation even more.  Nothing makes me not want to go to my lame business classes like watching James Wong scavenge around the English countryside looking for plants to make home remedies out of.  Jealouusssss.

Happy BBCing,

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