Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's Good Etsy?

So I was exploring Etsy today after Riz showed me where to find the good stuff.  Gosh, if money only grew on trees people.  But since it doesn't, I am left to look with my eyes not my wallet.  However, I definitely want to share what caught my eye so maybe you guys will splurge and scoop up something awesome!
Get In Here by Clever Apple
I find this one hysterical, I don't know why.
Husavik Harbor by Penumbraimages
Loving this print.
Moose Rustic Hessian Cushion by RusticCountryCrafts
also by RusticCountryCrafts

I mean come on now? Moose, whale, need I go on?
Everything is Illuminated by IreneSuchocki

Another beautiful print.

Gotta love Etsy, they have everything! Go check it out for yourself!

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