Thursday, July 7, 2011

Knitting Woes

I have been in search for the perfect pattern for a very special friends bday and I am just not finding anything that I love. Every pattern I find there is something I would change about it and I am not advanced enough in my knitting to be able to figure this kind of stuff out and I don't like to wing it. But it looks like that's what I am going to have to do unfortunately.

I think I have decided on a pattern after much deliberation. We'll see how it turns out.

I kinda had my heart set on a pattern but it used a chart and has colorwork, two things I still have not embarked upon and I am not understanding the pattern. Boo. I'm bringing the pattern with me to Maine so my Grammie can hopefully help me out.

Well looks like a Joann's trip is in store for me tonight. I don't know about yours but ours is always a mad house. And it used to be an Etc. store and they downgraded it and made it smaller. WTF? That place is always packed I don't know who made that decision, thanks dumbass. You have to get a number just to get fabric cut and I usually wait in the checkout line for no less than 15 minutes, no joke.

I have to get more yarn for the crazy cabled mitts I'm making and some more needles for this new project. Will someone tell my sister that a GREAT xmas gift for Rizzy would be to get her bamboo needles in the sizes she still doesn't have, straights and double pointed? And tell her that these can apparently be bought for cheap on ebay? Thanks.

Till later my friends,


PS: What I am loving today =

Working so I don't have to look at an empty piggy bank anymore. O ya and my boss postponing till later in the day, which means more sleep for RIZZY.

PSS: I think lil bro and I will be going to see Transformers tonight, I'll write up a little review for you guys after. I haven't even seen the other(s) one so I don't know what I'm walking into but o well, if it makes him happy.

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