Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pia Toscano

So we all can probably agree Pia getting voted off AI was insane! We all thought she was going to be one of the finalists (esp. Tum, he was heartbroken)! But we all knew she would get a record deal right away.  And while I was obsessively reading through the yahoo home page news stories (soooo addicting, almost as much as taco bell crack cheese, RIP due to vegetarianism...) I saw that Pia just released her first single. I found a decent one on youtube, all the live versions were kind of hard to hear.

At first I was a bit underwhelmed.  Ya, it definitely has a Pia sound to it and the beat is good.  I think my problem was after those amazing ballads that really showcased her voice and didn't overdue the background music, that is was I was expecting.  However, this new song isn't exactly like the Pia songs we heard on the show.  When I listened to it again however, I really liked it.  Pia is amazing and can really do no wrong in my book. But nothing will ever top her performance of "I'll Stand by You".  It still chokes me up I don't know why.

So while I was continuously listening the her performances on youtube while kitty daddy watched some ridiculous tv show or another (whoever invented headphones is a saint) I came across these videos she made of herself singing some popular songs.  If I could have just one wish it would be to sing like her.  So freaking talented, lucky duck.

Ok, I'll wrap it up here people before I embed every youtube video out there and officially become a stalker.  Enjoy, she's phenomenal.

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