Monday, July 18, 2011

On The Crafting Horizon

You all may have noticed that crafting has not been a priority of mine lately.  While my sister over there is crafting up a storm and all of her projects come out incredible! Umm socks anyone? And shorts that look like they just came off a runway or something.  Her stuff always comes out amazing!

Anyways, I'm starting to get the crafting itch again people.  So I wanted to share with you all what I'm looking forward to making.

Riz told you guys about our trip to Anthropologie.  That store had such great style.  I don't think I would ever be crazy enough to buy anything there though, holy price tags! (I'm a bit of a penny pincher...)  However, both of my crafting ideas were inspired by the store.

The first item on my list was inspired by this sweater.  It is the Spring Shelter Cardigan.
photo credit
Price tag on this sucker... $88!!! It's cotton/acrylic for jeepers sake!  So to achieve this look on my own I went to Ravelry.
photo credit
I found this sweater which is a crochet pattern, gotta love it!  Looks super easy which is what I need right now.  Now all I have to do is decide between yarn from the local craft store or go tempt myself with the good yarn at our local yarn store.  I'm leaning toward the yarn store.

My second crafting desire is candles.  They look so easy and can be so expensive at the store.  Kitty daddy and I love to burn candles.  B loves them too, you can tell by his singed whiskers. (I promise we supervise the cats when candles are burning.  But man oh man, that B is curious!)

Here are some of the beautiful candles from Anthropologie.
photo credit
photo credit

So my thoughts are that I'll search through our local Goodwill and a certain flea market I found recently that should be interesting to say the least, in search of interesting containers for my candles. Then I'll be on the hunt for good oils.  I'm thinking maybe I'll learn how to make my own oils and get real fancy, but no promises cause I haven't researched that yet.

Anyways, I'm pretty excited about these projects and hopefully since I shared them here maybe I'll be more motivated to get my craft on!

Happy Monday everyone!

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