Friday, July 29, 2011

McDonald's Wins Again

Now as a vegetarian, I have pretty much said goodbye to fast food, which is a good thing.  No one needs to eat that stuff on a regular basis.  However, every now and then I love myself a large fry and Diet Coke.  But McDonald's really outdid themselves now.
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Like, are we being serious right now? Rolo McFlurries!! It is like McDonald's creeped into my subconscious and was like "What would she love and never suspect us to come out with? Oh I've got it, Rolo McFlurries!"

I mean come on, do they want me stalking their drive-thru at all hours of the day?  I practically lick those bad boys clean.  Not a speck of caramel is wasted, vigilance I tell you.  Well done McDonald's, well done indeed.

Moving on, our lil bro got his wisdom teeth out like my sister told you.  Listening to him try to talk while his mouth is still numb, priceless.  At one point he tried to say San Francisco, it was fantastic.  He was doing pretty well tonight so it all looks good.   But we wish him a speedy recovery. He didn't experience the horror show Riz and I went through, lucky him.  And he's managed to wolf down 2 frosties and some pudding already, the kids got it made in the shade.

Over in my neck of the woods, work was a cluster today.  Just love it when that happens.  And I get to go back and do it tomorrow too.  But afterwards, Kitty is dragging Riz and I to a wine tasting that some of her co-workers invited her too, so that should be interesting.  The most belligerent I have ever seen our little Kitty was after she had some white wine at a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant in Florida.  So a wine tasting has the potential to be pretty exciting.  We promise to take pics this time so we can share.

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Hope everyone's Friday was better than mine! Have a relazing weekend!

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