Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Needle Eater

Let me introduce you to the needle eater. I have been diligently knitting away at my other cabled mitt. I just want to get these damn things done. And of course since there are 3 sets of cables I am using a cable needle quite frequently. Well some of my cables are at the end of rows so I drop the 5th needle to finish the row off with the cable needle. Bad idea.

This chair is one I frequently knit in. It has this individual light above it so I don't disturb everyone else (everyone as in the canines). It is also placed near a vent to cool me off when I start sweating during the stressful parts of the project (I know I know, chill out its only kitting, I'm trying). It also reclines and has the whole foot rest thing too. So bottom line, it frequently acts as my knitting station.

Well a while ago I lost a straight needle. I couldn't find it anywhere, I cleaned and searched high and low, still couldn't find it. I kept going back to the chair to look for it, nope wasn't there. Finally I basically took the chair apart and low and behold, the chair ate it.

So tonight as I'm ferociously knitting away, my 5th dpn vanished. Poof. Gone-zo. I knew the chair must have ate it. So I dug and dug. Pulled this thing apart. Picked it up. Flipped it upside down. No cigar. And now I'm thoroughly annoyed. So I call in backup, lil bro.

He finally comes down, I explain the situation, he looks at me like I'm an idiot (of course). Then proceeds to stick his hand inside the chair and comes out with it first try. Hands it to me and says goodnight, and goes back upstairs.


Anyway, back to it,


PS: Where is the 5th dpn now you ask? Lodged in my bra. Take that chair.

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