Friday, July 1, 2011

R.I.P. Sleepover

I had big plans. Big plans. Smores, nail painting, movies, junk food, the works. What did I get, zip, zero, nada.

Yep they are both a bunch of stinkers, Lyddy especially. She's sitting here next to me unaware. No fun these two, no fun.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. There was nothing to photograph.

The only thing that happened was a Kitty eye color quiz, she failed, the quiz was over our eye colors by the way, and she still failed. Sorry J apparently you have brown eyes. This woman should have never procreated.

J has been talking in a British accent all night because apparently he found a "jockey strap" on ebay. When I asked him to explain said jockey strap the only answer I got involved saying in a British accent, "You know, (pointing at genitalia region), a jockey strap" (following this up with pretending to ride a horse).

R.I.P. sleepover.


PS: I need sleepover replacements. I love sleepovers. Any takers??

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