Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pool Day...Almost

Stupid pool people ruined our pool day.  Supposedly cleaning the pool but kept it closed all day, I mean come on!

Anywho, Riz and I had ourselves a good day anyways. We hit up Target, Goodwill, our local yarn store, and the gas station for drinks of course.  Always an adventure.

Got some high waisted pants to make into shorts, pretty excited. Once they're done I'll post some pictures.  But beware, Riz's definitely look better than mine.

I did find some legit nail polish at Target though.  It's called Minted by Revlon.  It looks like a minty sea foam green color.  Cat was calling me Kermit, but she's just being a hater.  Kitty Daddy said I looked like I had swamp toe nails, but he doesn't even notice when I am wearing makeup, so his vote doesn't count either.  Riz and I love the color, that's all that matters!
Ignore my veiny feet please, only focus on the cool nail color
So cheers to a ruined pool day turning itself around!

P.S. Sorry about no WCGLW. I totally forgot until just now.  So I'll try for tomorrow guys, my bad.

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