Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Super Awkward Anyone?

Alright people, I found this incredibly awkward so we'll see if you agree. Riz agreed with me that it was awkward, Cat on the other hand found it nice and thoughtful.

First, a little information to hopefully clarify this story.  My boyfriend and I live in an apartment complex where all of our doors open outside, not to like a hallway or anything.  See below...

I am extremely antisocial and never become friendly with our neighbors, I might smile if we pass on the sidewalk...maybe...

However, B and G love to sit in the window and check up on the outside world.

So, I came home sometime after 9pm the other night to nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. My boyfriend came home maybe a half hour later and said "Hey honey, what's this at the door?".  I had no clue what he was talking about since there was nothing there when I got home.  He proceeds to bring inside these opened boxes...

with this note on top...

Let me remind you, we are not friends with our neighbors nor do we talk to them.  So I find it very strange for someone to notice our cats in the window and drop off cat related items at night with a post-it attached and not sign it or anything.

And since I am paranoid my first thought is "Wait! We have to check it for a camera or listening device or anthrax (it could happen!) or bed bugs. Something, anything, because what wierdo would perform a random act of anonymous kindness without an ulterior motive, right?"  Let me add that we live in the Midwest in a town with a very low crime, yet I still panic.

So what's the verdict people? Creepy, stalkerish neighbors or just someone trying to be nice??

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